Why Is Mall-Franchising Advantageous in Turkey?

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Franchising is defined as a long-term and continuous business relationship that the concessionaire party of a product or service gives to the second party to carry out commercial business by providing information and support regarding the management and organization of the business within a certain period and limitations. Today, in Turkey, the franchising market is among the sectors that protect investment attractiveness. The chains of both foreign and domestic brands are increasing rapidly. Shopping centers are one of the most advantageous places for franchising in Turkey. We have listed the advantages of franchising in shopping malls.


In Turkey, shopping centers are among the most visited places. People go to shopping malls not only for shopping but also for socializing and spending quality time. If you have franchising in a place visited by so many people, there is no chance you will not be popular.

Reasonable Prices

Brands provide a lot of support to entrepreneurs for shopping malls. Discounts and an increase in the number of brands created a competitive environment over franchise entry fees in 2020. Many brands are starting to keep their entry fees low. Some brands receive a franchise entry fee but do not charge a monthly turnover, while some brands may ask for a share and advertising fee from the right of use and turnover. Keeping the franchise cost low increases the motivation of the entrepreneur. Especially in certain periods, brands are doing many promotions. This allows the investor to be a part of a brand under the franchising system with more affordable budgets.

More visitors

If your franchise is in a shopping center, your venue will attract more visitors. This means more customers than other options.


Shopping centers generally have very good infrastructure, and buildings are protected from top to bottom. The franchise does not have to stress about the maintenance of the facilities. Also, stores must adhere to certain quality standards that benefit the brand.


In a shopping center, your franchise is under constant protection. and you share the security costs with other shops in the mall. In such an environment, both you and your customers feel safer.

Ideal shopping environment

Shopping centers are not affected by weather conditions because they are closed areas. Weather conditions do not change the customer’s decision who will come to the mall; these are the ideal shopping environments.


If you have a franchise at the mall that has a good reputation or a quality image, you will take a huge step towards gaining people's trust. When you try to start a business, it can take a long time to gain a corporate identity. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for you to franchise from an established company, especially to do this in a quality shopping mall.

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