Why is Turkey important for the European Union?

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Turkey, thanks to the geopolitical position is located in a region where at all times of important developments. Internationally known as the "success story", the EU aims to become a global power in the future. EU membership process for Turkey, is considered an important step towards contemporary civilization level to reach. Turkey's membership in the EU in world politics will reportedly offer more powerful and effective opportunity to play a role. As a continuation of the historical perspective of the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. It has experience managing Balkans, the Caucasus, Middle East. It shares common history and culture with the people who live here. NATO member Turkey, which has a strategic partnership relations with the US. On the other hand, it collaborates with Balkan and Caucasus countries and shares a common history and culture with the Islamic world. This is expected to contribute to the EU's goal of becoming a global power. 

Opinions of the European Union and Turkey

The centuries bloody wars in Europe and the deaths of millions of people as a result of wars form the basis of the EU idea. Because, in the face of the disasters, some European statesman and philosopher are looking for a permanent peace path in order to prevent the wars from recurring and to preserve the peace environment. As a result, the idea of ​​establishing a strong European market by combining economic opportunities under the leadership of France and Germany, the great powers of Europe that are constantly fighting. Today, the European Union, which reaches 28 members, creates a competitive market economy by providing an environment of freedom, justice and trust. In order to build a peaceful environment, it respects fundamental principles such as freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Membership talks with Turkey in 2005, starting from economy to trade, from foreign policy to immigration policy, in many fields, from energy security to the border authorities will work in partnership with the EU. Turkey's goal of entering the European Union, starting from 1959 and continuing until today. Turkey's future is expected to become an EU member.

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Earnings for the EU of Turkey's Membership

• Young Population and Labor Resources: With the prolonged life expectancy in European Union countries, the population over 65 years of age is increasing. Therefore, while growth slows down, labor markets are becoming stagnant. trained in Turkey, it is expected to provide a cheap and important contribution of young people to the labor markets of the EU population.

• Migration and Refugees: Every year, more than half a million people try to seek asylum in EU countries by various means, even at the cost of dying. irregular migration and refugees in the Aegean Sea in accordance with the signed agreement between the EU and Turkey, and work is being done to halt the movement of refugees. This agreement continues work on the scope of the provision to Turkey visa liberalization.

• Energy Security: With more than 500 million population for the diversification of energy sources to meet the EU needs Turkey's position as a transit country. Within this scope, there is a project to transport Azerbaijani gas and oil to Europe. The addition of Russian gas to Ukraine via Turkey instead of the more secure "Turkish Stream" project as the work is being done and delivered to Europe.

• Role Model Function: Turkey's EU membership would be considered "role model" growing prosperity, democracy and human rights standards for Middle East countries This situation is expected to contribute to the democratic transformation of the region and thus to the security and stability of the EU.

• Common Border: Turkey's borders as well as in other member countries after accession to the EU borders is also being considered. The eastern borders of the Union extend to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and in the south to Syria, Iran and Iraq. As a result of the European common border, the EU is expected to develop policies to develop new partnerships with neighboring countries. Thus, it is calculated that the EU will contribute to regional peace and stability in accordance with its global vision. It is planned to contribute to regional security by collaborating on issues such as the fight against terrorism, the fight against drugs and arms trafficking.

• Euro Strengthening: In the world economy, the euro is considered the most important reserve currency competing for the dollar. if Turkey's EU entry is expected to provide integration with literally common currency. Today, 340 million euros is expected to be reinforced by the inclusion of Turkey used in geography.

transportation Networks: EU accession of Turkey also carries the meaning of cooperation in transport and communications infrastructure. Because the EU countries are connected to each other through a common transport network. Turkey, constitutes an important part of the railway project will reach Beijing from London. EU - Turkey - Asia rail link is scheduled to be delivered safely to the east via Turkey, the EU products.

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New Global Order

In today's international system, the US has superiority in terms of political-military, economic and technological aspects. However, a multipole spherical structure is likely to emerge in the future. Mainly China; The EU, Japan, India, the United States in the global system against the other forces are taking place. Turkey is considered part of the West with the Republic of reasons both strategic and political. It is considered to be the protector of NATO's southern wing with its strategic position, competitive vibrant economy and military power. However, Turkey is taking place in an unstable region of Eurasia extremely Considering the developments after the Cold War. For this reason, it cooperates with the European Union, where it shares basic democratic values.

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