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A leading power in real estate advisership in Turkey, Trem Global is essentially a consultancy company mainly assisting people with their migrancy procedures and their real estate investments. Led by only the brightest people in their respective fields, service that Tremmof their customers are extremely caring anddces and understanding cooperatioothe number one priority for everyone atthe best service that they could get during thh Trem Global wishes to achieve only the greatest.

Focusing mostly on foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship at ease with a simple real estate investment, Trem Global manages to provide suitable programs for everyone. Providing service in more than 12 different languages, convenient consultancy is the main principle that Trem Global works upon.

business people

The employment procedure is attended with great care by the professionals of the human resources department of Trem Global. Following a series of standardized actions with each possible employee, Trem Global makes sure that every step gets taken elaborately.

Trem Global Hiring Process 1
Application & Review

Carefully scouting for the fit people in various platforms online and in real life, human resources professionals make sure to find the ideal candidate for available positions. After candidate resumes get examined and further decisions are made, HR contacts the possible job holders for future interviews.

Trem Global Hiring Process 2

Both done in online platforms and offices, potential employees go through a series of interviews that determine if they are applicable for the position. After each candidate goes through a series of tests for their respective fields, they also take language proficiency tests. Almost all of our candidates are required to have a profound knowledge of English, sometimes along with other languages such as Arabic, Persian, Spanish, and more.

Trem Global Hiring Process 3
Interview & Proposal

References mentioned in the resumes of candidates get contacted for further affirmation. The candidates get informed of their jobs before the official offer. If they accept such a proposal given by our HR department, they are informed about their legal rights.

Trem Global Hiring Process 4
Interview & Proposal

On their first day of work, they undergo a series of orientation processes in which we introduce and present the essentials of our company. Informing them about our departments and work ethics, we provide them with their required set of inventories along with a welcome pack. We assign each one of our employees a work buddy to increase the interaction colleagues have among themselves.

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Trem Global Digital Marketing Recruitment
You can think of Tor Holding's Digital Marketing division as an agency. The department, which develops project introductions for our portfolio, works with experts in 5 different departments. Our video team shoots projects and provides visual materials, and our design team turns these materials into ready-to-share content. Our copywriters write the needed articles for the content created by the video development and design team while translators translate these texts in the languages, ​​we provide our services. Our SEO and social media experts do the necessary work and ensure that our projects reach the whole world.

Trem Global Investment Consulting Recruitment
Our investment advisors welcome clients interested in our portfolio. Our consultants understand the goals and needs of potential clients and guide them to choose the right project for them. They make the necessary adjustments for customers who prefer to invest in Turkey and directs them to the field sales department.

Trem Global Field Sales Recruitment
The investment process of our prospective customers coming to Turkey gets managed by our teammates in the field sales department. In addition to providing detailed information about the projects and visiting the projects in question, welcoming them at the airport, providing accommodation, and promoting and showing Istanbul is among the duties of our field sales team. They assist our customers every step of the way from the moment they land in the country to making the final purchase decision.

Trem Global After Sales Services Recruitment
After the positive conclusion of the field sales process, our after-sales services department comes into play. The title deed and subscription processes of the real estate, opening bank accounts for our customers are among the duties of this department.

Trem Global Legal Department Recruitment
Our legal department supports our customers who prefer to invest under the guidance of Trem Global in legal transactions such as citizenship services and company registration.

Trem Global Portfolio Department Recruitment
Trem Global has an extensive investment portfolio that includes projects suitable for various purposes, not only in Turkey but also globally. Our teammates working in the portfolio department are in charge of looking for new projects that can be integrated into Trem Global and adding these projects to our portfolio, taking into account the possible needs of our customers.

Trem Global IT Department Recruitment
Meeting the technological infrastructure and system requirements of our companies, providing technical support to our personnel, and performing audits in terms of information security are among the primary duties of this department. Our information technologies department serves the entire Tor Holding, as does our digital marketing department.

Trem Global Software Department Recruitment
At Tor Holding, we develop our mobile and desktop-based programs and applications, thanks to our employees in our software department, without outsourcing. Our colleagues in this department are responsible for improving the technological systems by conducting research and development accordingly to the needs of our company.

Trem Global Business Development Recruitment
The business Development department undertakes the tasks of developing working areas and improving processes.

Trem Global Finance and Accounting Recruitment
Financial and economic processes get managed by this department. All financial transactions and budget calculations are among the competencies of our finance and accounting staff.

Trem Global Agency Department Recruitment
Our agency department signs cooperation agreements with international organizations that do not work in Turkey but have customers who want to invest in our country. Our friends in this department enable us to have partners working on behalf of Trem Global in different parts of the world by adopting a business model based on inter-company alliances, called B2B (Business to Business).

Trem Global Administrative Affairs Recruitment
This department ensures the proper functioning of all our operations and the smooth continuation of daily work by establishing coordination between departments.
Career planning
From the day you start working with us, you start working for your future. As Trem Global, we are aware that the development of our employees is our development. We offer our employees two different career plans to ensure that our family, which grows with every member who joins, becomes more potent every day.
From the day you start working with us, you start working for your future. As Trem Global, we are aware that the development of our employees is our development. We offer our employees two different career plans to ensure that our family, which grows with every member who joins, becomes more potent every day.

Welcome Career Plan

The Welcome Plan, which we have prepared for our employees who have just started working or who have less than two years of experience, was made to determine their expectations and future goals during their employment. According to the plan, our personnel is promoted from candidate status to the title of Assistant Specialist after the first two-month trial period. Our employees, who have completed their one-year working period and reached 80% of their annual targets, can be promoted to the position of expert after the approval of the department managers. In the following two or three years, they can get promoted to the senior expert position when they meet the necessary conditions.


My Career is Safe Plan

Our Career is Safe Plan is for our employees who have a certain level of experience in the sector. Our newly started personnel can start as a specialist or senior specialist according to their level of expertise. After the senior expert level, once the necessary conditions meet, they can get promoted to the director position with the manager's approval. And from there, they have a chance to be promoted to the department manager position.

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