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Eligibilidad y Requisitos para la Visa Dorada

Your Guide to Spanish Golden Visa

Spain is one of the European countries with a Golden Visa program available for foreign investors. The program provides free movement within the country and the Schengen area, a big plus if you want to expand your opportunities further. With a real estate purchase worth a minimum of €500,000 investors can benefit from the Spanish Golden Visa program.

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Why Choose Spain

Spain is a country full of opportunities. Discover what makes Spain a unique place to live.

A Beautiful Country with an Ideal Climate and Living Conditions

High-standard Education and Health Systems

Relatively low cost of living

Warm and welcoming local people

Beneficios del Programa


Viajar a otros países libremente


No es necesario vivir en el país para renovar el visado


Eligibility for permanent residence after 5 years


Chance to become a Spanish citizen after 10 years


Inclusión de familiares e hijos sin límite de edad


Benefitting from the health and education system


Right to work in Spain


Retirement options

Spain Real Estate

Investment Options

Real Estate Purchase

Cantidad mínima de inversión


Document List

Spain InvestorInvestor

Visa application form, photograph, valid passport

Criminal Record Certificate

Health insurance

Proof of residing in the consular district

Visa fee payment

Documents that prove the investment

Documents to prove sufficient financial means

Spain Family MemberFamily Members

Visa application form, photograph, valid passport

Criminal Record Certificate

Health insurance

Proof of residing in the consular district

Visa fee payment

Documents that prove the investment

Documents proving adult children and/or relatives are dependent on the investor

Spain Requirements


Making an Investment

Being over 18 years old

Obtaining valid health insurance in Spain

Having no criminal record

Having enough financial capability

Not having a rejected Schengen Visa

Not being on the list of undesirable people

Additional Costs
Business Investment Fee€1.137
Real Estate Investment Fee€1.910
Added Family Members Fee€1.202
Renewal Fee€2.500
Spain cost
Legal Golden Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

The residence permit obtained through investment is valid for 2 years. Afterwards, the residence permit needs to be renewed every 2 years.

You don’t need to stay in Spain to renew your residence permit. You can travel to Spain only when you need to apply for the renewal of your residence permit.

No. The payment for the investment to obtain Golden Visa has to be made fully from your own funds.

The applicant’s spouse, children under the age of 18, people who are financially dependent on the applicant, and the applicant's parents who depend on them are included in the Spanish Golden Visa.

You cannot sell the real estate until you acquire permanent residency. If you do, the renewal of your Golden Visa will be rejected.

A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa Programs

Learn more about the country

Explore the advantages of the program

Open a new chapter in your life

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