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Eligibilidad y Requisitos para la Visa Dorada

Your Guide to UAE Golden Visa

Cuando se trata de vivir la vida al máximo, los Emiratos Árabes Unidos pueden ser el primer lugar que se le ocurra. El país tiene todo lo que se necesita con un lujo circundante, una configuración de alta tecnología y experiencias inimaginables que esperan a los residentes. Con el programa Golden Visa de los EAU, los inversores pueden obtener visados de residencia a cambio de una o varias propiedades inmobiliarias por un valor no inferior a 2 millones de AED.

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Por qué elegir los EAU

The UAE is a country full of opportunities. Discover what makes the UAE a unique place to live.

Altos estándares de vida

Amplia red de negocios y potencial

Instituciones educativas de alto nivel

Un mercado de inversión inmobiliaria muy prometedor

Beneficios del Programa

This service allows the real estate investor owning a property the purchase value of which is equal to or more than 2 million AED at the time of purchase, to apply for a 5 to 10 years renewable residence permit. The husband or wife, children and parents can be sponsored.




Full business ownership in the UAE Mainland (No sponsor or KAFEEL required)


Extended visa validity (5 or 10 years)


Unlimited entry/exit from the UAE


Ability to sponsor family members


Exclusive Living Conditions

Investment Options

Real Estate Purchase

Cantidad mínima de inversión Visa ValidityApproved Properties Not Approved Properties
AED 750,0002 yearsResidential/serviced apartmentsSeparate plots of land
AED 1.000,000*2 yearsHotel rooms, villas, offices, townhouses or warehouses Disputed real estate
AED 2.000,00010 years--
*Joint Ownership by Spouses

Service Terms

UAE Service term

For the Investor

The value of the property is 2 million AED, wholly owned by the investor (one or more properties) under the name of the applicant

The property may be mortgaged, and a no-objection bank letter to be submitted indicating that the bank does not object to issuing a residence permit on the property, indicating the paid amount and the balance

The applicant must be inside the UAE

UAE Service term

Family Residence

A no objection letter (NOC) from the father notarized by the notary (in case the mother is the sponsor)

An undertaking that the daughters or sons over 18 years of age are not married

The original ID and original passport of the sponsor

A recent personal photo that conforms to the requirements of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Health insurance

A certified marriage contract

A certified birth certificate for children (males - females)

IBAN Number

UAE Service term

Parents Residence

The original ID and original passport of the sponsor

A certified dependency certificate from the consulate

A recent personal photo conforms to the requirements of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Health insurance

A certified birth certificate

IBAN Number

UAE Requirements


A passport

Availability of an e-Certificate of Title / Title deed

A recent personal photo conforms to the requirements of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

UAE ID (if any)

Health Insurance

Proof of Investment and NOC

A copy of the current residence permit (if any).

Additional Costs

Tarifa administrativa1.155 AED
Tarifa del Departamento de Tierras4.020 AED
Tarifa de confirmación de permiso de residencia (10 años)2.656,75 AED
Tarifa de la tarjeta de identificación de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos (10 años) 1.153 AED
Tarifa del examen médico 700 AED
Tarifa de permiso de residencia para la familia5.668,50 AED
Tarifa del expediente de patrocinio familiar318,75 AED
Tarifa de permiso de residencia para los padres (10 años)5.668,50 AED
UAE costs
Legal Golden Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE Golden Visa is valid for 5 or 10 years, offering you the opportunity for long-term residence. It also grants you the right to own a business in the country without the need for local partners. Additionally, you gain the freedom to enter and exit the United Arab Emirates as many times as you want during the validity period of your visa.

Applicants eligible for the UAE Golden Visa will receive a response within a minimum of 72 hours and a maximum of 1 month from the date of application. After this process, the necessary medical checks, Emirates ID card, and visa stamp procedures will be completed within a few days.

Yes, you can. After your visa is stamped into your passport, you can initiate the application process for your dependents. The applicant’s spouse, unmarried daughters of any age, and unmarried sons under 25 years old can be included in the application.

The UAE Golden Visa application must be submitted to the UAE General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Applications can be made online or at any General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Residential or commercial properties in the Freehold Zones are suitable for investment.

A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa Programs

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