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Get the Golden Ticket to Your Future

Many countries have golden visa programs, offering foreigners various opportunities and advantages in different areas. Whether you want to extend your investment portfolio or reside in another country on a golden visa, Trem Global can cover everything you need along the way. We help you find the right property from our portfolio of more than 4500 global projects and handle every legal procedure with our professional legal team.

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Spain golden visa citizenship programs
Portugal golden visa citizenship programs
UAE golden visa citizenship programs
USA golden visa citizenship programs
UK golden visa citizenship programs
Canada golden visa citizenship programs
Program SpainPortugalUAEUSAUKCanada
Minimum Investment Amount€500.000€280,000AED 2 million€500.000£2,000,000CAD $1,2 million **
Citizenship OpportunityAfter 5 yearsAfter 10 yearsNot clear After 5 yearsAfter 6 yearsAfter 5 years
Dual Citizenship
Inclusive of family members***
Duration of stay in the country for citizenship7 days a year183 days a yearNot required183 days a year180 days a year183 days a year
Condition to Keep the Property 5 years 5 years 3 years Not applicable180 days a yearNot applicable
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*Spouse/ partner and children under 18

** With an at least CAD$2,000,000 net worth (shared or single)

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Many countries offer Golden Visa programs, yet each has different requirements and procedures. Get assistance from one of the world's leading citizenship and investment providers.

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Why Trem Global
Offering new beginnings to thousands of investors with its 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Trem Global provides a unique experience with its professional investment advisors, investor support in 13 languages, legal advisors, and more than 4500 real estate options around the world. Contact now for a fast, safe, and comfortable start.

FAQs About Golden Visa

Every country has its own criteria for the Golden Visa program they offer. You can check out our comparison chart to find the best program available for you.

We highly recommend working with a lawyer to safely proceed with your legal documentation and procedures needed for the Golden visa programs. As Trem Global’s legal partner, Tor Advisory lawyers can help you complete every legal process along the way.

The overall process usually takes about 3 to 4 months however, every individual may also have different statuses before their criteria meet.

The tax rate varies with the laws in different countries. However, there are lots of tax benefits for Golden Visa applicants as well. If you want more detailed information about the current country tax rates and how you become liable for certain taxes, contact us.

A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa Programs

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