Golden Visa


Eligibilty and Requirements for Golden Visa

About the Spanish Golden Visa

Spain is one of the European countries with a Golden Visa program available for foreign investors. The program provides free movement within the country and the Schengen area, a big plus if you want to expand your opportunities further.

Benefits of the Program


Travel to other European countries freely


Chance to become a Spanish citizen after 10 years


No need to live in the country for visa renewal


Inclusion of family members and children under 18


Eligibility for permanent residence after 5 years


Right to work in Spain

Porto Portugal

Why Choose Spain


A beautiful country with an ideal climate and living conditions

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High-standard education and health systems

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Relatively low cost of living

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Warm and welcoming local people

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Criterias for the Spanish Golden Visa Program

The Spanish Golden Visa program provides investors with the right to reside, study, and work permits with a chance to become citizens after 5 years of residence.

Minimum amount required:


Your Legal Assistance: Tor Advisory

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Porto Portugal
Porto Portugal

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Time-Saving Assistance


Your Local Guide


Risk-free Experience

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Top Investment Opportunity in Europe

As one of the friendly and unique countries in Europe, Spain also stands strong in terms of real estate demand and the increase in the market. The country has a lot to offer foreign investors with high-quality living, sunny days throughout the year, and a relatively low cost of living compared to other European countries.

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Developmental Locations with High Potential

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