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Eligibility and Requirements for Residency

Your Guide to Turkish Residency

Turkish Residency Program provides eligible applicants the right to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, with a chance to live, work, or retire in this culturally rich and strategically located country. Learn how the Turkish Residency Program opens the door to a brand-new life.

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Why Choose Turkey

Turkey is a country full of opportunities. Discover what makes Turkey a unique place to live.

Ideal climate and living

High-standard education
and health systems

Relatively low
cost of living

Warm and welcoming
local people

Benefits of the Program


A convenient hub for travel between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East


Quality medical care & free healthcare system


Easy & secure investment process


Government initiatives to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment


Business ownership with easier processes


Diverse business opportunities & markets

Investment Options

Real Estate Purchase

Minimum Investment
The Population of
the City
$75,000In cities with more than 750.000 population
$50.000In smaller cities
Turkey Real Estate

Document List

Spain InvestorInvestor

Visa application form, photograph, valid passport

Criminal Record Certificate

Health insurance

Biometric photo

Title deed and numbering

Residence fee


Single entry visa fee (except the visa-free countries)

Photocopy of e-visa or passport visa (if applicable)

Spain Family MemberFamily Members

Residence Permit Application Form


Single entry visa fee (except the visa-free countries)

Photocopy of e-visa or passport visa (if applicable)

Apostilled marriage certificate for spouse

Apostilled birth certificate for children

Photocopy of the title deed

4 biometric photos

Turkey Requirements


Making an investment

Being over 18 years old

Obtaining valid health insurance in Turkey

Having no criminal record

Having enough financial capability

Not being on the list of undesirable people

Additional Costs
Residence Fee ₺690-4000
Residence Card Fee₺356
Single Entry Visa Fee₺3456
Health Insurance₺1900-4000
Turkey cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

As of April 2022, you can obtain a residence permit by making a real estate investment of $75,000 within metropolitan boundaries and $50,000 in areas outside metropolitan boundaries.

The official processing time for residence permit applications is 90 days. In the event of any extensions beyond this period, the applicant will be informed.

Officially, residence permits obtained through real estate investments are issued for a duration of one year and need to be renewed annually.

Residence permits through real estate investments are granted exclusively to the property owner. However, the legally married spouse and children under the age of 18, if not listed on the property deed, can apply for a family residence permit.

Yes, you can become a property owner in Turkey without visiting the country by granting power of attorney to a lawyer.

A Comprehensive Guide to Residency Programs

⋆ Learn more about the country
⋆ Explore the advantages of the program
⋆ Open a new chapter in your life

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