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For those who are after living in the lap of luxury

From the elegant villas amidst idyllic gardens to the modern and eclectic mansions, we unite affluent buyers with blue-ribbon houses in the most prestigious spots in town. 

Splendid houses beyond compare

Discover your dream estate of outstanding excellence, nestled among exceptional amenities. Unique architectures and impressive interiors meet in our exclusive properties.

You’re not only buying bricks and mortar but a lifestyle

Accommodation doesn’t solely mean shelter. Buying a luxurious house comes with a luxurious lifestyle as well. Your house brings world-class concierge, top-notch amenities, and even prestigious neighbors. 

Super prime areas in the city

Location is essential. We offer houses in exclusive neighborhoods to suit your lifestyle. 

Our ethos is to provide excellent customer service

With our 30 years of expertise in the ultra-prime housing market, we strive to provide our respected customers with top-notch services and our commitment. 

Exclusive properties for extraordinary people

Trem Global is helping people across the world to find their ideal estate.

*Most sought-after houses

*Exclusive luxury properties

*Gorgeous houses inside and outside

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