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निवेश द्वारा तुर्की नागरिकता

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The cultural capital and a magical city

Living in an old city like Istanbul, unique experiences are inevitable. Witnessing historical buildings rising magnificently, wandering around the ancient places, you will feel like traveling through time into the glorious past, the Byzantine and Ottoman reigns.

Make it easy

With the government support on your back, it will be easier for you to find the quality you desire. Istanbul has many properties suitable for profitable investments, allowing the buyers to choose between Asia or Europe and the numerous houses on them.  

Valuable and endless profit

Istanbul is still getting bigger and better every day- the perfect spot to multiply your money! By investing in it, you are securing your and your family’s future. The investments you make will provide you a comfortable life and earn you great money. 

Turkish Economic Development Center

This beautiful city of four seasons with various amenities, social facilities, low cost of living compared to other major cities in the world, many job and educational opportunities can easily meet your expectations. Even if you do not intend to stay, you can earn money by buying a government-supported property and then renting it out. The city of Istanbul is called the economic heart of Turkey.

Trem Global is a reliable guide

Trust is an essential element in every business, but particularly in real estate. We strive to earn your trust and guide you through your journey to a new house. With thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, we are your most reliable real estate agency. 

A modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city

* Rich in culture and diversity

* Progress with government support

*Benefit from the best facilities

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