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Turkey, noting significant progress with its developing economy in recent years, investments in construction and real estate sectors, is becoming a center of attraction for institutional and individual investors. In this process, the country offers significant opportunities to foreign investors who need to master local dynamics to make successful investment decisions. As Trem Global team, we are closely following developments in order to provide support to investors in real estate acquisition and investment issues, which are highly dependent on internal and external factors and have unique problems, with our experienced and industry-dominated staff. In order to meet the needs of our customers in Turkey, and to help them achieve successful results in investment decisions we present Real Estate Acquisition and Investment Guide in Turkey to the investors, where we provide sector-specific knowledge. The information in this guide is general, not social, tax or legal advice.

Population and Language

According to data released by Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), Turkey\'s population is 82 million 3 thousand 882 people as of 31/12/2018.

Half of the population in Turkey is under the age of 32, the median age is 32.7 in men and 31.4 for women, while the median age of the population is calculated as 32. The proportion of the working group between the ages of 15-64 is 67.8% in the general population. In the 0-14 age group, 23.6% of the total population and people aged 65 and over make up 8.5% of the total population.

Located in the GMT + 3-time zone, Turkey has the opportunity to communicate within the same business day with the western and eastern countries. Turkey\'s young population demographics that will have a positive impact on the country\'s economy for investors, offers many investment opportunities.

With being close to the European Union market Turkey creates a dynamic market with its young and educated population compared to Europe and offers unique opportunities to the labor market with the participation of the increasing population. There are about six million Turkish citizens, most of whom live in western Europe. Having the youngest population compared to EU member countries, Turkey, according to the Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, the population is expected to grow to 82.9 million in 2023, and in 2040 it is estimated it will exceed 100 million. In case of maintaining the same growth rate in the year 2069 the population of Turkey, which is the peak point, is estimated to reach 107.6 million.

Turkey\'s official written and language of instruction is Turkish. In educational institutions, foreign languages are taught within the framework of certain principles. English mostly is the second language taught in educational institutions in Turkey.


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