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Turkey, noting significant progress with its developing economy in recent years, investments in construction and real estate sectors, is becoming a center of attraction for institutional and individual investors. In this process, the country offers significant opportunities to foreign investors who need to master local dynamics to make successful investment decisions. As Trem Global team, we are closely following developments in order to provide support to investors in real estate acquisition and investment issues, which are highly dependent on internal and external factors and have unique problems, with our experienced and industry-dominated staff. In order to meet the needs of our customers in Turkey, and to help them achieve successful results in investment decisions we present Real Estate Acquisition and Investment Guide in Turkey to the investors, where we provide sector-specific knowledge. The information in this guide is general, not social, tax or legal advice.

Reasons to Invest in Turkey

  Turkey, with a highly profitable investment opportunities and economic development continues to attract the attention of foreign investors. One of the most important details of attracting the attention of foreign investors who prefer to invest in Turkey is that obtaining the chance to apply for Turkish citizenship after making the investment.

  Another advantage of investing in Turkey is that it has managed to draw everyone's attention to the lively economy of a country. Turkey, shown as a synthesis of both modern and traditional elements is located in the Anatolian geography, which has the largest accumulation of human history in the world. Today, in Turkey where traces of the Ottoman era are still seen, even the Historic Peninsula, which attracts tourists, is enough to fascinate investors alone.

  Turkey attracts investors from around the world due to its geopolitical position. The proximity of the region to the energy export centers and the fact that it is located among the trade centers provides an indispensable opportunity for foreign investors. Istanbul's presence in Turkey, which is one of the most popular cities in the world and also an important port in the trade area, provides investors with new business opportunities and increases the value of real estate even further. Not only trade but also being Turkey's cultural and entertainment capital, the world-famous city of Istanbul comes at the beginning of the city thanks to the excellent location of choice for all the tourists who visit Turkey.

  Turkey's economy is seen as one of the world's largest economy and steady Turkey economy is one of the most ideal country economies is to invest with the right orientation. Real estate prices in Turkey, which made its name with sophisticated real estate sector continues to attract great interest in Europe, America, China, the Far East, and the Middle East, as it is far more appropriate than any other European country.

  Turkey is considered one of the largest exporters in the textile field in the world after Germany and Italy. Bursa, which is known as the textile city, is shown as one of the important centers of this area. Not only industrial cities but also tourist area also provides great support to the economy in Turkey. The world-famous fascinating turquoise coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean hosts millions of tourists every year. The first regions that come to mind are Bodrum and Antalya which are famous for their turquoise bays.

    In Turkey with millions of investment options in it, the real estate sector is the most profitable one and makes investors happy. Investment and the great advantages it brings, makes it even more attractive to buy real estate.

  It's easiness and effortlessness to invest in Turkey also stands out as another factor. By Turkish laws, after receiving title deed and residence permit you can begin to live in Turkey. To get a residence permit in Turkey only takes 1 day. If you want, you can also rent the real estate. The real estate sector provides a profitable return to investors in the country, where real estate values multiply every year.

  The entitlement enacted last year, which is applying for citizenship after purchasing one or more real estate worth of $ 250.000, also triggers the desire of foreigners to invest in Turkey.


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