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Why Choose A Land for Investment

Get ready to discover the best land investment opportunities in Turkey because there are many. The transportation advantages in the country significantly lower the logistics cost while providing access to a larger market. The country’s climate is ideal all year round without challenging weather conditions. With a large number of arable lands, you can maintain an efficient agricultural business in fertile lands that allow you to grow a variety of produce. Seasonal weather also benefits tourism activities, with millions of visitors every year.

Why Invest in Land with Trem Global?

Buying land is different from buying other investment types, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Here are the best reasons to work with Trem Global during your land-buying process.


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Agricultural Land

Compared to other types of land, agricultural lands can be a hassle-free way to profit. Investors can cultivate their land for growing produce or sell it for a profit with high demand. At this point, investing in agricultural land in Turkey brings its advantages to the table with its ideal climate, favorable soil conditions for growing a variety of produce, and most importantly, a locational advantage for easy transportation.

Land With Residential Planning Permission

Buying land with residential planning permission can be a good choice for investors who want to build their own houses from scratch in Turkey. While the planning permission adds value to your land, you can also double your profit by building & selling your land property in the best Turkish cities. The real estate market in the country is one of the most promising markets globally, with a good ROI.

Land With Villa Planning Permission

One thing about villas is that they are mainly exclusive to their owners. To have that from the very start, you can buy your land with villa planning permission and decide how to build your private villa in every detail on unique coasts or capital cities in Turkey.

Land With Tourism Use Planning Permission

Lands that allow tourism use and following activities provide the owner the right to build a hotel, motel, guesthouse, or other related tourism accommodations in line with their business goals. Turkey is known for its attractive destinations for tourism which increase every day. Start your tourism business in one of the most visited countries in the world.

Commercial Land

One of the great ways to start a business is to have your business hub designed specifically for your activity area. You can choose the location and the size of the space you need without the challenges of renting out a place. With its growing industrial markets and locational advantages, Turkey is a true investor land.

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FAQs About Land Investment

You can start by checking out the latest land listings and their details before deciding what kind of land you need. To learn about the procedures, we recommend contacting Trem Global investment advisors.

Your land may have different permissions to build on it, including a villa, residential building, or a building for tourism purposes. However, the construction and operational rules vary due to the location and type of land. You can contact your agent to learn about the permissions in detail and get assistance.

Trem Global provides in-depth information about the lands available with coordinates, images, & technical details. Yet you can always schedule a visit with your investment advisor.

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