2022 Trends in Luxury and Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Industry

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

With the pandemic entering our lives in 2019, our living conditions and preferences changed relatively. Interest in houses with larger and own private space has increased. In 2021, the increase in luxury and ultra-luxury real estate sales is expected to continue 2022. So, what are the trends and predictions for 2022?

Pandemic and Changing Lifestyle Will Transform Home Preferences

After the pandemic, many people began to leave the city life because it would be safer and calmer. With the spread of Home Office work and e-commerce, people began to spend more time in the home. While the size or characteristics of the house did not attract much attention in the daily routine after the pandemic people began to transform the houses in which they lived primarily. People especially started to pay attention to the fact that their houses are larger, away from the crowds and in the structure of social and technological facilities.  As a result, interest in luxury homes increased.

At this point, the luxury and ultra-luxury real estate sectors began to make some changes. So, what are these changes? By 2022, luxury and ultra-luxury houses are expected to be built that combine innovative things and traditional structures. Luxury real estate located in the complex but also as a detached house may be the favorite of 2022. Who would not want a large house where pools, parks, shopping malls, and sports activities can be done and will also belong to you? In addition, the desire of all family members to be safe has led to the reappeared of the large family structures where several generations live together. The idea of ​​leaving a legacy to younger generations after the death of older parents also pushed them to invest in luxury and ultra-luxury real estate

What are the expected developments in the luxury real estate sector for 2022?

 Rising interest rates as of 2021 have led to price increases in the luxury real estate sector. In addition, the over-demand for luxury real estate is another factor bringing prices down. The desire to buy a second home and wealth passed on to adult children from their parent triggers luxury real estate sales because they find it safe outside the house where they sit. For 2022, especially 5-star real estate with all the possibilities in it will stand out in sales. In addition, interest will increase in homes designed to be environmentally friendly, sensitive to climatic issues, and sustainable that the new generation cares about.


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