Citizenship in Turkey Through Real Estate

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Each country has different rules and laws for foreign investors. Likewise, the preferences of investors change according to countries and even cities. We can say that Turkey is almost a golden option for foreign investors. The number of people who want to invest in Turkey, both in terms of places to visit and income, should not be underestimated. Besides all these reasons, citizenship seems to be a big factor.

According to the data announced by EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, 22.1% of foreigners who made real estate investments in 2021 also obtained citizenship. This scale is quite high compared to other countries. Due to citizenship procedures, there is a requirement to invest $400,000 and reside in Turkey. We can say that the citizenship request of people who fulfill certain conditions and regulations is easily accepted.

Investing in Istanbul Is Quite Popular

The magnificent beauty of Turkey, Istanbul, of course, is the focal point of foreign people's investment. It continues to attract the attention of foreigners with its development that connects the two sides and its opportunities due to being a metropolis. So much so that there are 31,478 properties invested by foreigners in 2021. The rate of 38.37% in the acquisition of these properties is to obtain citizenship. Iran ranks first among foreign investors, followed by Afghanistan, Yemen, China, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Russian Federation. Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, and Başakşehir are among the first three districts preferred for investment in Istanbul.

Following Istanbul, the preferred cities for investment and citizenship were Antalya, Ankara, and Yalova, respectively. Antalya, the favorite holiday city, Ankara, the land of business centers, and Yalova gained value in terms of investment.

With its citizenship consultancy service, Trem Global, which assists many international investors with its property portfolio, continues to bring together properties all around Turkey with investors, particularly in Istanbul.

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