Covid-19 Normalization Process Has Been Accelerated in Turkey

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"Intercity travel restrictions have been removed completely from 1st of June." Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Erdogan pointing that Turkey has been one of the leading countries that have been going through the pandemic with least damage possible thanks to the public support, health services, and other official precautions, continued:

"Not only did we protect our citizens in the country, but 75 thousand citizens from 126 different states were brought to our country by 365 planes, 34 road trips, and 10 sea route trips. No matter where they were, from Mauritania to Bolivia, none of our citizens were left unattended in the process. In addition to that, we succeeded to respond to 100 out of 135 countries requesting help or product from our country. In the process of the pandemic, very strong coordination was achieved with our 246 missions in foreign countries and interlocutor countries. I express my gratitude to all our citizens, especially to those over 65 years old and below 20 years old, on behalf of myself, my family and my nation. "

Expressing that the number of new patients and the number of patients connected to intensive care and respiratory equipment decreases day by day, Erdogan said, "We try to keep the pandemic under control by extending and increasing the tests without compromising follow-ups. We have come a long way in the production of medicines and devices needed in the treatment of the disease. In addition to its overseas supply and the support of the private sector, the Ministry of National Defense's pharmaceutical factories started production. "

Stating that the production of respiratory equipment and related vehicles is carried out through the private sector and the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution, President Erdogan said, "We have exported 1000 of the 3.626 respirators we have produced so far. Our Machinery and Chemical Industry company has also started the production of thermal cameras with a mask device, which contributed greatly to our production capacity. All of these developments that we followed carefully and followed the rules of, allowed us to take the necessary steps in the process we call new normal." 

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