Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

İsmail Gülle, president of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), announced that agricultural machinery export reached one billion dollars by 2019 and expected to grow the upcoming days. Turkey has produced foreign trade surplus, he says and added that one billion forty-one million dollar worth of agricultural machinery export took place in Turkey whereas imported machinery are worth $282 million. According to Gülle, Turkey owns this success to agricultural diversity seen in the country. Due to this diversity, Turkey manufactures machinery suitable to any kind of agricultural activities.

“The pandemic changed the way of doing business dramatically,” said Gülle. “Thanks to the digitalization of many processes, we were able to conduct business regardless of the pandemic.” A virtual fair was held in June by Selçuk University. It was the first virtual fair of Turkey using local software. 

Another news regarding the export came from automotive sector in Sakarya. Exports increased by 375% in May. Sakarya experienced a fall in April by 88% due to the suspension of production amid COVID19 outbreak. However, may exports reached to $171.7 million, illustrating that Turkey is to recover soon from the negative impact of the pandemic. 

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