Istanbul Airport is the First to Receive Health Accreditation

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Istanbul Airport became the first airport across the globe to receive the Airport Health Accreditation issued by Airport Council International (ACI).

Istanbul Airport had won the approval of the globe with its strict Coronavirus measures and by signing the EASA Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol. Now with the health accreditation it obtained, Istanbul Airport secured its position among the healthiest airports of the world.

Istanbul Airport’s operator IGA stated that they will continue to provide a safe journey to their passengers. Kadir Samsunlu, the CEO of IGA, noted they firstly acquired Airport Covid-19 certification, then signed the EASA Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol during the Coronavirus outbreak, and now they are the first airport in the world to obtain Health Accreditation. “It is important for us to pass the inspection of a powerful organization and receive the Airport Health Accreditation. Istanbul Airport it the transit center of the world. Acquiring this accreditation proves that our Coronavirus measures are of international standards,” he added.

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira congratulated Istanbul Airport on being the first airport to be accredited. “This will provide globally accepted standards on health and hygiene, which helps the public to restore their trust in air travel,” he added. 

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