Istanbul will be the Global Center of Entrepreneurship

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According to the 2021 Presidential Annual Program, SMEs and entrepreneurs will be provided with innovative financing.

Alternative financing methods such as corporate or individual enterprise funding and crowdfunding will be strengthened and expanded. 

A platform for all the shareholders in Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem will be founded under the name of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform. Entrepreneurship information and information about business incubators and acceleration centers will be included in the platform. Entrepreneurship supports will be summarized, training courses will be listed, and news about on-going developments will be shared. 

Structures that allow the entrepreneurship ecosystem to grow will be expanded. Regulations for technological development areas (TGB) to establish business incubators outside their region and in city centers will be introduced. Administration activities, R&D, workshops, and infrastructure constructions will be supported. In this way, new entrepreneurs will be provided with larger areas to operate in. 

Mechanisms that will encourage corporate companies and managers to take part in accelerating programs, invest, and provide mentorship support will be developed. 

The bureaucratic and legal predictability will be increased and legislation will be simplified to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit. A National Entrepreneurship Strategy will be developed for this purpose. 

New units will be created to provide information support, consultancy, and education about export processes to tradesmen and artists. Additional interest support will also be offered to the said workers. 

Istanbul will become firstly a regional then a global entrepreneurship center. In this context, the Istanbul International Entrepreneurship Program will be introduced to attract entrepreneurs from across the world.


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