Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Coronavirus outbreak is quite unlike anything we experienced in the past decades. We had to alter the lifestyle we took for granted; going out was not an option for many people who stuck indoors. Some of us hated the idea of this very postmodern home-prison, yet, some of us were lucky enough to spend their days breathing fresh air and feeling the sun in their skins, and even socializing with their neighbors. The latter owned this to two architectural concepts: balcony and garden.

People who adopted to city life quick and well may have never stopped and questioned how important it actually is to have an architectural extension bridging the indoor and the outdoor. After all, how many hours does one spend inside under normal circumstances? The cycle of work and social life rarely took place indoors. But now with the given conditions, the three main principles of a building -function, durability and aesthetic- became even more important.

Gardens have a special place particularly in Mediterranean culture. As apartment living became the norm in cities, gardens gradually left its place to balconies, though they are overlooked by many architects. Many buildings lack these two important places connecting us with nature. However, experts say buyers will be more likely to consider balconies and gardens as a priority when buying a real estate even after the pandemic is over. It is also foreseen that architects, too, will consider them as a must when designing a building.


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