Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Normalization process has begun in many countries including Turkey. Production and manufacturing did not end in Turkey during the pandemic, making a quicker economic recovery possible. While businesses continue to be active in their fields, new regulations are brought by Ministry of Health to prevent the further transmission of the disease.

Ministry of Health announced “Pandemic Management and Working Guide” to fight against Coronavirus. In accordance with the new regulations, businesses with over 10 employees are to hire a staff responsible for all things regarding COVID-19. Each stuff will be educated on the modes of transmission and how to prevent them. Employees showing the symptoms such as high temperature, cough, a running nose and breathing problems will be sent to medical institutions immediately. All employees are to wear face masks in a way covering their noses and mouths, and change the mask often. A safe distance will be kept when in contact with the customers. In cases when an interaction is necessary, they are to wear a face shield. Staff will maintain at least a meter distance from each other in cafeterias and keep wearing their face masks. 

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