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The products grown in the fertile lands of Turkey and produced in the prolific factories reach all over the world. One of the world's leading suppliers, Turkey breaks a new export record every year. In November 2021, exports increased by 33.4 percent and reached 21.5 billion dollars. This rate went down in history as the highest value on a monthly basis. Exports since last November reached 221 billion dollars. The export value on a kilogram basis also increased by 16.7% in November. In this process, Turkey has shown great success by exporting all around the world. The most exported countries are Germany, the UK, and the USA, respectively. 

Raw materials, consumer goods, and investment (capital) goods were the most exported items on a group basis. A great success was achieved with exports of 11 billion 22 million dollars in raw materials, 7 billion 913 million dollars in consumer goods, and 2 billion 329 million dollars in investment goods. Land vehicles, boilers, and machines, precious stones, and metals, as the most exported units, have provided great benefits to the country's economy and manufacturers.

Despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic in the global economy, Turkey has become the supplier of the world by showing great success in exports. The diversity of exported products is the biggest indicator of the quality of production in the country.

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Turkish Goods builds its service concept on globality. We are a unique service provider for those who want to import products from the Turkish market. Turkish Goods ensures that all kinds of products, from fruits and vegetables to raw materials, reach the world. Let us know the products you want to import, and we will make pricing within 48 hours. 

It is very easy to reach the highest quality products produced in Turkey with Turkish Goods. As a company in the role of an intermediary, our biggest goal is to reach the whole world with our customer service in 13 languages. Turkish Goods is your solution partner to get efficient results in a short time. You will find everything you are looking for in our wide range of products. Turkish Goods is the address of prestige in export for everything you import from Turkey.

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