170,408 Residential Properties Sold in August

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkish Statistical Institute announced the residential property sale statistics of August. 

According to the data, the number of houses sold fallen by 25.7% compared to July while it increased by 54.2% to 170,408 compared to the same period last year. 

Istanbul took first place with 30,292 houses that make 17.8% of the total houses sold. Istanbul is followed by Ankara with 17,131(10.1%) and İzmir with 11,145 (6.5%).

The lowest numbers are reported to belong Hakkari with 13 houses, Ardahan with 22 houses, and Şırnak with 99 houses. 

The number of new houses sold increased by 28.3% to 52,123 compared to August 2019. New residential sales scored 30.6% of the total number of sales.   Istanbul received the highest share in new residential property sales with 8,103 houses (15.5%) while Ankara ranked second with 3,891 and is followed by İzmir with 3,193. 

Second-hand house sales rose by 69.2% to 118,285. Istanbul again ranked first with 22,189 second-hand properties sold, taking an 18.8% share of

the total sale figures. The number of sales in Ankara was 13,240, followed by İzmir with 7,952.

The sales made to foreigners increased by 8% compared to the same period the previous year, to 3,893.

Istanbul saw the highest number of sales made to foreigners with 1648, followed by Antalya with 784, Ankara with 288, Mersin with 148, and Yalova with 133. Iranians bought 640, Iraqis 592, Russians 366, Afghans 156, Azerbaijanis 154 residential properties. January-August period saw an increase of 42.6% in property sales.

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