Spotted: Turkey’s Most Expensive Mansion

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Istanbul is the most magnificent city where you can spend your life with its historic and natural beauties. Anyone who has set foot on it for hundreds of years is fascinated by the uniqueness of this city. Of course, one of the factors that make Istanbul a magnificent city is the Bosphorus with its breathtaking view. When you take a glance at the Bosphorus from the shore, the perfection of Istanbul will draw you in. Well, would you like to spend every day looking at the wonderful Bosphorus view of Istanbul? If your answer is yes, we are ready to present you with one of the most magnificent buildings in the city.

The mansion is the most expensive mansion in Turkey and among the most expensive mansions in the world. It was built by the French-born Levantine architect Alexandre Vallaury at the beginning of the 20th century for one of the military commanders of Abdülhamit II. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other mansions on the Bosphorus is, it looks like a chateau. It was built in the Baroque style and has witnessed the city's history for 130 years. The mansion is located on the shore of the Bosphorus, just below the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The magnificent exterior of the mansion adorns the shore. This magnificent building is as majestic inside as it is outside. The mansion can be accessed from both the garden and the shore. The 5-story building consists of 23 rooms, five living rooms, and eight bathrooms.

The five rooms of the mansion have breathtaking sea views. Its high ceilings make life here more comfortable and luxurious. The mansion, with a residence of 510 square meters, is heated with floor heating, has a total of 2 thousand 489 square meters of indoor usage area from 4 floors + basement. It also has a closed garage for four cars. The mansion is currently for sale and waiting for its buyer.

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