The Public-private Partnership is Worth $155.8 Billion in Turkey

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Since the agreement between private and public sectors was implemented in 1986, 249 projects with $78.3 billion of total investment value have been brought into life. The total agreement value of the projects reached $155.8 billion.

The Presidency of Strategy and Budget data illustrated that the private and public sector cooperation is an alternative financing method of great significance, particularly when providing public services such as highways, bridges, and airports. It is aimed to complete the projects rapidly, enhance the service quality, and reduce the cost of the projects with the said cooperation. Among the 249 projects signed, airport projects received the highest share with $73 billion and are followed by energy projects with $37.1 billion and highway projects with $24.3 billion. It is also worth noting that the agreement value of health facility projects reached $11.5 billion due to the city hospitals built. Port investments’ agreement value with $4.8 billion and tourism facilities’ with $2.1 billion also drew attention. 

115 projects were carried out with the build-operate-transfer (YID) model and 109 projects were run applying transfer of operational rights. The build-rent-transfer model ranked second with 20 projects and the build-operate model occupies third place with 5 projects in the list.

In terms of sectoral distribution of the 249 projects, the power plant industry scored the highest with 97 projects and is followed by highway investments with 41 projects, port projects with 23, and health sector with 20 projects. The list continues as customhouses with 19 projects, airports with 18, marinas with 18, tourism facilities with 18, mining facilities with 8, industrial facilities with 2, railways with 1, and solid waste disposal facilities with 1 project.

In 2019 alone, 6 projects run by the state-private partnership and whose total investment value is $20.2 million were launched. The agreement value of the said projects is determined as $72.3 million.

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