The Increase in the Unemployment Rate Is Considerably Small in Turkey

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While the Coronavirus outbreak caused an increase in the unemployment rates worldwide, Turkey experienced only 0.1 points of increase and reached 12.9% of unemployment. Non-agricultural employment increased by 0.2% and became %15.2.

Analysts stated that practices like public employment, short-time working allowance and unpaid leave prevented a rapid increase in the unemployment rate. According to the analysts, the economy started to improve as of may and the future unemployment rate will improve. However, the course of the pandemic will closely affect the happenings in the workforce sector.

According to a recent study, the number of unemployed people in Turkey has decreased by 331.000 in 2020. Most cases of employment occurred in the service sector, followed by industry, agriculture and construction. Among the young population, the unemployment rate is %24,9 and the employment rate is %26.6. Approximately 4 million citizens benefited from the short-time working allowance while 1 million people used their unpaid time-off thanks to the economic measures the government adopted. Additionally, the severance ban was put into practice. Thus, the rise in the unemployment rate was limited to small amounts and the public employment rate increased by 4.3%. With the production boosting in the private sector, the future unemployment rate is expected to be even lower.

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