Over 120,000 tourists enjoy bird’s eye view of Cappadocia

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More than 120,900 visitors took hot air balloon trips to experience a bird's eye view of Turkey's world-famous scenic Cappadocia in 2020.

Cappadocia is famous for its unique "fairy chimney" volcanic cones, valleys, underground cities, boutique hotels and houses carved into rocks, churches, chapels and shelters used during the early years of the Christian faith.

The region, located in Central Anatolia's Nevşehir province, is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia, which were temporarily suspended on March 17th last year as part of measures to stem the spread of COVID-19, resumed on August 23rd.

According to data compiled by Anadolu Agency (AA) from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, hot air balloon trips were not organized for 157 days due to the pandemic and 80 days due to adverse weather conditions.

A total of 120,917 people enjoyed tours in 128 days last year.

Hoping that this year will be better due to COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, head of Anatolian Hot Air Balloon Operators Association told Anadolu Agency that there is no other place like Cappadocia where 3,000 people can fly with 150 balloons daily.

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