Turkey is Europe’s Fifth Largest Wind Turbine Equipment Producer

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The leading association to represent Europe’s wind energy industry Wind Europe released the “Wind Energy and Economic Recovery in Europe” report. According to Wind Europe, the wind energy industry created employment for 300 thousand people in 2009 in Europe.

The five of the ten largest wind turbine producers in the world operate in Europe, where 31% of the manufacturing facilities of the world are located in. The said facilities form 30% of the global wind capacity.

Last year, Europe had the 31%, China had the 45%, India had the 7%, Brazil had the 5%, and North America had the 4.5% of the 800 manufacturing facilities operating in the world.

The largest turbine equipment producers in Europe are Germany, Spain, Italy, and Denmark while Turkey ranks fifth with 12 facilities. Turkey is followed by France with 8, Poland with 9, England with 8, and Netherlands with 7 facilities.

The market size for the turbine equipment reached €50 billion.

Turkey’s share in the installed capacity rose to %10 in 2020. 20% of the installed capacity is in İzmir while 40% is located around the city. 

Izmir Development Agency's (IZKA) Secretary-General Mehmet Yavuz highlighted Turkey’s progress in wind turbine equipment manufacturing. He stated that they are promoting investment activities and providing free investment consultancy in the field. 

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