Turkey to Launch 1915 Canakkale Bridge on a Significant Day

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The 1915 Canakkale Bridge which was first initiated on 18 March 2017 has launched for traffic on the very same day after five years of detailed and highly organized construction work. March 18 has a significant place in Turkish history as it’s the day for the victory of 1915 after the Battle of Gallipoli on the country’s highly strategic point, the Marmara peninsula.

The bridge makes a highlight by its title for “the World's longest suspension bridge” with its 2023 meters mid-span. A highway project is also a part of this megaproject to improve the traffic in the region.

While the bridge eases the density, it’s been increasing the demand for the organized industrial zones in the region as well, causing even better results in terms of employment and economy. The industrial zones in the Biga and Canakkale centers are already occupied by many businesses that want to take their share of logistic benefits. Yet, three different industrial zones in different parts of Canakkale, namely Ayvacik, Bayramic, and will have their own organized industrial zones for potential industries and sectors. 

Here are some details on the 1915 Canakkale Bridge:

Length: 4,608 meters

Middle span (distance between two towers): 2,023 meters

Tower height: 318 meters

Number of lanes: 6

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