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Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

How to Acquire Turkish citizenship? What are the Advantages? 

 There are six different options to get a Turkish Citizenship. The easiest and fastest option of these is to become a Turkish citizen through purchasing a property. Especially as of 19.09.2018 after the disclosure of the decision on the official gazette, the required wages to be a Turkish citizen have significantly dropped. Thus becoming a Turkish citizen has been getting easier than before, as anyone purchasing a minimum 250.000 USD worth of real estate of can benefit from Turkish citizenship advantages. Not only that Turkey’s quite valuable and rich options in the real estate area; but also the conveniences it provides during the citizenship process, makes becoming a citizen through real estate much more appealing. Here are all the details you need to know about earning citizenship rights by a real estate investment in Turkey..

   Turkish Citizenship Application Process 

Those who have purchased a minimum 250.000 USD worth of housing, workplace, estate or similar properties, can initiate their application process by going to The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. After the application to The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, real estate appraisers check if the purchased property is worth 250.000 USD or not. If no impediment is found, The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre approves the transition to the citizenship process in 3 to 7 days. After given this approval, by applying to The Bureau of Immigration Services for the Residence Permit it is possible to get permission in the same day. After the citizenship application approval and the residency permit, candidates apply to The General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality for the Turkish citizenship. After that point, by tracking the transactions from ?Citizenship Information Offices? in Istanbul and Ankara all process is finalized in 30 days. Regarding additional residence permit and citizenship application processes, Trem Global support its customers in every step of the way, executing and tracking the procedures for them. 

  Things to Know About the Turkish Citizenship Application Process 

 -Without any country restraint, anyone who purchase at least 250.000 USD worth of real estate can become a Turkish citizen.

  -Not only housing but you can also earn the right to be a Turkish citizen by purchasing different kinds of real estate such as an office, a store or an estate.

  -Turkish citizenship can be earned through the purchase of not just one specific real estate worth of 250.000 USD, but also multiple properties that make up at least the same amount when combined.

  -Turkish citizenship process, finalizes within 30 days from the day of application. Furthermore, temporary residence permission is given to the real estate purchaser and their family members. 

  -Along with the real estate purchaser, their spouse and kids under the age of 18 also get the right to be a Turkish citizen. For children past the age of 18, they’re not given citizenship unless they’re disabled and in need of constant care.

   -As military service is mandatory in Turkey, children who earn the right to be a citizen under the age of 18 are expected to enlist when they’re old enough. If those over the age of 22 have an excuse not to enlist for military service they are supposed to report to The General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality. For those who hold dual citizenship, military service in either one of the two countries is accepted. However those have done their military service beforehand are asked to prove it with documents.

  -As Republic of Turkey acknowledges dual or multiple citizenship, nobody getting the Turkish citizenship has to give up their other citizenship rights. However, some countries like Saudi Arabia and China do not allow dual citizenship. 

   -Even if the properties that have granted the citizenship are sold, the citizenship remains protected provided that they are sold at least 3 years later. 

   -The properties purchased before 18.09.2018 are not considered for citizenship, even if they are above the 250.000 USD limit.

   -As long as it doesn’t pose a threat in the means of national security, applications for citizenship through real estate purchasing usually result in success. 

   -As there is no need to be in Turkey during or after the application process, when deputized, TremGlobal carries out the translation processes for you.

   -To earn the right for Turkish citizenship through real estate purchasing, there is no need for a language exam or a similar obligation. 

    Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen

  Being the perfect transit point between Europe and Asia, Turkey also provides advantages by conveniences it offers to those who wish to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing real estate. For example; without any waiting process, your spouse and your children under the age of 18 can also apply for citizenship immediately along with you. Whereas in many other countries purchaser’s spouse and children can apply only after periods that take up at least 3 to 5 years. This situation does not apply to Turkish citizenship laws. 

   Neither during the application nor after earning the citizenship right, you aren’t obliged to live in Turkey. Most of the other countries expect the person to spend specified periods of the year in that country, even after the purchase of an estate. In Turkey that is not the case. Furthermore, with Turkish citizenship you can travel to 102 countries all around the world without a visa. In addition to that, Turkey is a country in the process of Visa Liberation Dialogue with The European Union so there’s also the chance to travel to European countries without a visa in the years to come. 

  Ways to Earn the Turkish Citizenship 

   There are many different ways to get a Turkish citizenship. Some include very short term transactions such as purchasing real estate, others include musts such as living in Turkey for at least 5 years. 

   Citizenship Gained by Birth

   Anyone born in Turkey and/or born with a Turkish Mother or a Turkish Father is regarded as a Turkish citizen. 

  Citizenship Gained by a Competent Authority

   People who reside in Turkey for 5 years straight can get a Turkish citizenship by the judgment of the cabinet. 

   Gaining Citizenship Through Marriage

   Those who marry a Turkish citizen can apply for citizenship after 3 years of marriage. For people applying to citizenship through marriage, the expected conditions are; continuation of the marital union, avoiding behaviors that would harm the marriage and not posing a threat for national security. 

    Regaining Turkish Citizenship

  If found appropriate, those who have lost their citizenship due to political, economic or a similar reason can regain their citizenship by applying again. 

   Gaining Turkish Citizenship Through Exceptional Circumstances 

  Those who contribute to Turkey in areas such as science, arts, technology, economy, sports etc., those whose citizenships has become a necessity and those who are accepted as immigrants can also get Turkish citizenship. Moreover, setting up a business in Turkey is another circumstance that creates a citizenship right. The important detail is; employing 5 Turkish citizens for every 1 foreign employee. 

    Gaining Turkish Citizenship Through an Investment

  Purchasing at least 250.000 USD worth of real estate can get you a Turkish citizenship. Among all these options, for a chance to become a Turkish citizen in a short notice, easier and for a more reasonable amount of money, purchasing real estate is one of the most advantageous choices. Aside from Government’s Support Offices accelerating the approval process, professional establishments like Trem Global not only offer appealing alternatives, but also assist those looking to purchase real estate in Turkey with issues like residence permit and citizenship process.

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