Privacy Policy

1.   Entrance

This notification of privacy policy, unless stated adverse, is valid for all applications offered by Trem Real Estate Marketing Limited Liability Company colleting data and also including all products, services, websites, computer apps, gadgets, and softwares, connected by these conditions. Trem Real Estate Marketing Limited Liability Company is a company that highly values your personal information and privacy. Trem Real Estate Marketing Limited Liability Company, respecting peoples privacy, protecting your data privacy and processing your personal data safely, from now on will be known as Trem Global. Please do not send or supply Trem Global with any kind of personal data before thoroughly reading, comprehending and accepting this privacy policy. This privacy policy does not apply to other Trem Global websites, services and products that do not indicate or do not copulate over this notification or possess their own privacy notification. Also, this privacy policy does not apply to other websites that have been given a link over Trem Global website (hyperlinked websites). The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain to users while using our website, what kind of data is elicited by Trem Global, how this data is used and protected. With that, this also explains how this data can be inspected and how this data can be erased upon request through applying to Trem Global. A mere privacy policy is not qualified to erase any concern about data processing. Please take notice of Trem Global’s different kinds of informing and added information advising the customers about how the data is processed for specific purposes while using Trem Global products or services. You will always be able to reach our privacy policy’s current version on our website. At times we are going to need to update our privacy policy. When we do so, we will put up a notification on our website. 

2-   How do we collect your personal data? 

Personal data, is any info concerning an actual person defined or can be defined. If we can not relate a direct connection to you personally (or at least if we can not do so without spending more time and effort than necessary), said data is not personal.

Trem Global convenes your personal data fort the main purposes below.

-To inform the customers and people of current updates and of the products and services we offer

-To keep in touch with the customers

-To inform events, products and services’ liaison and customers 

-To manage the products and services we offer 

-To enhance our websites in order to offer a personalized experience

-To inform you of the products and services we provide

We can collect your personal data in numerous ways. Among these are through your personal meetings with our staff, signing up to our newsletter, filling up a form, or contacting us through our website, e-mail or phone. 

We would never sell, rent or trade your personal data. We may share your personal data with companies associated with us or other third parties that provide services for us or in our name. 

3. Collect personal data

The complete personal data we collect is made up of your full name and your contact info. This may include post and e-mail address, phone and cell phone numbers and job contact information. If necessary we may ask for other information. To offer more complicated services, we may need to collect more data including employment status, income, dependencies, wealth and debt information. If you contact us via internet we may collect your personal data such as your IP address and web activity through third party companies such as Pardot and Google Analytics. We will not be collecting sensitive data (for example; professional memberships, race or ethnic background, religious and political views, criminal record, physical or mental health or sexual orientation) in general. We can only do that if it is necessary for one or more of our functions and in case you openly approve beforehand. 

4. How do we use your personal data? 

We use your personal data to serve, answer to your wishes and to inform you regarding Trem Global. 

We may reveal your personal data to third parties (for example; an accountant or a commissioner) that assist us provide the services you demand from us. After your spoken or written approval, we may reveal or use your personal data with the following third parties:

-Those that provide our products and services for you, manager or managers

-Those who are involved in product planning and improvement

-Your representation including your agency, accountant and legal advisers 

-Those that are necessitated and authorized, meaning government or regulatory organs

-Concerning the health and security of the people, to prevent illegal actions or protect the public revenue

We protect your data consistently with this policy. We will never sell your personal data. 

Trem Global operates in Turkey. As a consequence usage of your personal data abroad and in other governments, areas is possible. We promise to take reasonable steps towards keeping the data safe and make sure it is used in the principles of this policy and existing laws thereunder in case of your personal data being handed over to overseas properties. 

If personal data can not be collected, this, may affect the quality of the service Trem Global can provide.

We may use your personal information to market our services such as phone, e-mail or sms. On any level, if you no longer wish to receive this advertising please send an e-mail to including your full name, post address, cell phone number and the means of communications you wish to cancel your subscription. We will try to put your request in process in 21 days. We will keep your personal data in the manner of what they were collected for and due to course of law. 

5. The safety of your personal data

We take the safety of your personal data very seriously. We will take reasonable commercial precautions to protect your personal data from, abuse, attempt, loss, unauthorized Access, change or reveals Your data may be saved in electronic environment or in print. 

We implement a series of procedures to keep your personal data protected. Our procedures include the following. 

-Policies for information storage security 

-Security precautions for system Access

-Access control fort our Customer Relations Management systems

-Safe web reply forms while collecting sensitive data

We take care of the protection or the personal info you provide us with via our website. For example, in need of your sensitive data, there are security systems in our websites with data encryption. Depending on your relations with Trem Global and the type of data collected, user identifications, passwords or other Access codes may be used to control access to your personal data. 

6. Use of cookies

You do not need to provide any personal data as someone who is visiting our website. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, you may choose to remain anonymous or use a nickname. However, please keep in mind that if you do not share your actual data we may not be able to provide you with the appropriate services. 

We use cookies on our websites. These are small text files placed on your computer when you are using our website that provide us with information such as internet provider, date and time, search sentences or referenced web sites. This information is not defined as personal in the beginning. However, it is possible for you to provide us with your personal data once. Cookies help us track the traffic of various pages on our websites. Most browsers are programmed to allow cookies. To erase or block cookies, you can do so by changing the settings on your browser.

7. Cookies policy 

Our cookies policy, explains what cookies are, how cookies and similar Technologies are used on Trem Global and associate companies and what you can do to manage how cookies are used. We promise to protect the data we have collected while you are using our websites and other services. We have appointed a third party to fully inspect the cookies on our websites. After the inspection finalizes we will update this policy with more information regarding these cookies including how to waive them. 

A cookie, is a small text file that is sent to your computer or your mobile device (in this policy named as ‘device’) by the web server and that can record some details regarding your website roaming. A cookie collects the data regarding the information about your computer such as your usage of our websites, your devices IP address and the type of your browser, demographic data and the URL of the connection if you have connected through a link to our website. If you are a registered used or a subscriber, it may collect your name and e-mail address to confirm your registered username or your subscription that can be transferred to data processors. 

Cookies, save information about your online preferences and help us organize our websites according to your interests. The informations provided by cookies, may help us analyze the usage of our websites and help us offer you a better user experience. 

Cookies, are "session" or "persistent" depending on the time span they were stored. 

-Session cookies are stored only while you are visiting a website and after closing your browsers is erased from your computer.

-Persistent cookies, are saved to your computer for a fixed time span after closing your browser and every time you use the website the cookie was created it activates. 

In addition to cookies, we beacons are used in our websites. A web beacon, is a line of code used by a third party ad server in order to measure a customers activity on a website such as advertising a product or to carrying out a purchase on a website. A web beacon is usually invisible as it is colorless and only 1x1 pixels. A web becon is also known as 1x1 gif, invisible gif and tracking gif as a web error. 

8. How do we use cookies

We use cookies for the following purposes:

a. Basic and functional cookies

-To present the website with personalized version and to detect users that return, those who register and subscribe

-To remove the necessity of re entering login information for users that return to the website. 

-To comment on our websites. 

b. Analytical performance cookies

We use these cookies to measure our users activities to better our websites. By using Google Analytics and other web analytics services we can analyze which pages have been viewed, for how long and what connections were tracked and use this information to provide more content for interests. We also use this analysis to report our performance and sell promotions. 

c. Behavioral Advertisement Cookies

We use these cookies to do these: 

-To manage regulations about online advertising and income sharing 

-To advertise to you and to manage our relations with those who use our website along with cookies to advertise

-To measure the general customer behaviour on the websites and third party websites, to aim for advertisements that are more related to the users interests

-To create a profile that is based on roaming patterns. This, for example, when the users visit a page with a review on a specific real estate, the cookie would collect this information and for the said real estate we could aim our advertisements towards those users and if the users visit third party websites that are part of the same real estate the same advertisement network could aim the advertisements to the same users.

-To create profiles for the purchase of reliable third parties to better their advertisements with more relatable content.

Also, we add we beacons (also known as net gifs or web errors) to our e-mails to track our success rate of our marketing campaigns. This, if you open an e-mail address from us we can track which pages our website visits. Our web beacons does not store extra information on your device, however by contacting our cookies in your device can inform us when you have seen our e-mail. 

The information regarding your usage of our websites (including your IP address) is transferred and saved to our browsers in Republic of Turkey and in other countries by cookies. Also, they can transfer these informations to legal third parties and to areas these third parties process information to. By using this website, you are allowing the usage of data about you in the purposes mentioned by these service providers. 

We can not access the cookies implemented on your computer by third party advertisers and sponsors. 

d. Other third party cookies 

On some pages of our websites, you may notice the setting of cookies not related to us. For example when you visit a page featuring an embedded content from Youtube or Facebook, these third party service providers may implement their own cookies to your device. We do not control the usage of these third party cookies and because of the way cookies work we can not reach it as cookies can only be reached by parties that set them in the beginning. Please check third party websites for more information about these cookies. 

Some of our websites use Adobe Flash Player to offer our users video and game content. Adobe, uses its own cookies used by Flash Player to save the preferences or to monitor the users that can not be managed through your browser settings. 

Flash cookies, operate in various ways according to the web browser cookies; instead of using different cookies for specific works, all data of a website should be saved and limited to one cookie. You can control how much data is to be stored in that cookie, but you can not choose what kind of data is going to be allowed in it. You can manage which websites can store their information on the flash cookies on your computer with adobe cookies. 

9. Blogs, forums and other social media 

Trem Global is not responsible for the abuse of any kind of personal data by another user you have provided this way.

Our website may involve links to third party websites. If you reach these websites you would be subjected to a privacy policy with different terms and conditions than our own. To designate the privacy standarts, policies and procedures you need to connect directly with there websited or companies or you need to look into the policies. 

10. Access to you personal data 

If you want to access to your personal data please send an e-mail to Trem Global. In some cases we may comply with your request through a telephone or in person. If not we will try to put your request in process within 21 days. In some cases we may refuse to grant you access. We will explain further if so(for example, it may affect other users privacy in an inappropriate way). 

We take reasonable steps towards keeping the data we collect and save, correct, up to date and complete. To make sure it is correct, up to date, relatable and not misleading in any way please send an e-mail to Trem Global. If you believe we have any legal breach, if you want to send a complaint, you can do so by e-mailing Trem Global. We will try to answer to your complaint within 30 days. 

11. How to contact us 

We promise to respect your privacy rights and protect your personal data. You can request more information about the way we are managing your personal data by contacting Trem Global. 

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