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Real Estate in Istanbul

If you are looking for the perfect city to invest in, Istanbul is the right address. Increasing real estate prices in the world and Turkey indicate that the sector will continue to grow in the future. The increasing demand for housing and especially the increasing housing prices per square meter in Istanbul give clues about the real estate sector in Turkey. Parameters such as the young population, housing needs, openness to the global economy, and urban transformation projects determine the policies of the market for real estate agents in Istanbul. Istanbul, which exhibits a cosmopolitan structure in this respect, is also preferred by foreigners. Considering that foreigners in Turkey can acquire citizenship through investment, real estate investment can be a reasonable and profitable option. Investing in real estate in Istanbul for foreigners could have many reasons. The first of these is to find apartments that fit every style and need. Real estate for sale in Istanbul varies from cozy apartments to spacious Istanbul villas that we have a comprehensive portfolio of. Tremglobal, one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey, offers you the privileges you deserve. You can experience Istanbul’s attractive, dynamic location. Find your place among millions of Istanbul residents. 

Buy Property in İstanbul

Turkey provides favorable conditions for investors from the Middle East and Asia who are starting to enter the European market due to its strategic position. In addition to citizenship through real estate, you can also earn high rental income from the real estate you buy. It is generally seen that property purchases are widespread in industrial cities and resorts in Turkey. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya are the provinces where property purchases are made the most. Among these cities, Istanbul is more dynamic with its continuous immigration, building new hospitals, universities, and underground projects. Homes, offices, hotels, and shopping malls are some of the properties you can buy. So, what are the benefits of buying a property in İstanbul? Since Turkey is a country with four seasons, you can find structures of all types of properties. While mega infrastructure projects get supported by superstructure projects, the urban transportation network has become widespread. In addition, Istanbul has policies that encourage the purchase of properties because Istanbul has such a dynamic and young population, incentive opportunities, and low tax enforcement.

Do You Hear the City Calling?

Istanbul is the current hotspot in the real estate market with its numerous housing options, vibrant colors, and truly cosmopolitan lifestyles. The harmony between the residents of different backgrounds attracts international home-buyers to settle in this magnificent city. Whether by yourself or with your family, you will settle in your dream house designed for your needs.

Where Past and Future Meet

Istanbul reflects both the spirit of the new age and the essence of past centuries, therefore a highly unique combination. You may fancy the traditional and adopt a lifestyle accordingly or prefer the new over the old and experience the youth’s way of living. Offering you abundant opportunities, Istanbul is an exciting dream you’ve never seen before. If you want to have a peaceful life in Istanbul, you could choose the northern part of Istanbul, which are more greenery areas than other parts of the city.

A Huge Real Estate Market

Turkey’s, and particularly Istanbul’s real estate market is full of dynamism and major advantages for both local and foreign investors. Whether a first-time home-buyer or an experienced purchaser, any investor has the chance to make a safe and sound investment in this thriving city. Elegant apartments, fine villas, lands with high-income potential, or profitable commercial spaces –any type of property you want, Tremglobal will find you an excellent option. Trem Global provides you with an investment guide and area guide. For those who want to see the investment in place, various trips and informative meetings are held for the ongoing projects.

Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul

If you are going to invest in real estate for sale in Istanbul, you must first create a portfolio through real estate agencies. You can try some methods for this. For example, you can contact the agents who provide real estate services in your area. You can observe the dynamics of the region and whether it is open for development with your visits to the region. If the area is open for economic development, office or other properties can also be purchased. If there are too many business plazas in the region, you can buy an office. Those who want to sell real estate on a larger scale can resort to the asset valuation method. Your investment advisor reports any sales, investments, mortgages, and loans for your sake. It determines the right investment option for you by conducting regional analyses. Since the evaluations are made according to objective dimensions, the real value of the real estate is revealed.

High Return of Investment Rate

The return of investment rate in Istanbul reaches up to 12%, placing the city in a favorable position in realtors’ eyes. Thousands of rental-guaranteed projects create income for successful investors every day in Istanbul. You can make a price comparison by contacting various real estate agents in İstanbul. Urban transformations projects in the old districts of Istanbul and modern properties built by preserving the historical texture of the city can be profitable for investment.

Affordable Prices

Both the cost of living and real estate prices are very convenient compared to European countries. You do not have to spend millions of dollars to truly experience the ultimate luxury of living. The Average residential square meter price in İstanbul is very cheap compared to the metropolises in Europe. With the newly built İstanbul Airport, transportation to Europe and other metropolitan cities has become easy. It is also among the options to evaluate your investment by renting out the luxury properties you have purchased at convenient prices. If you want to get a high investment return from the properties you buy at more affordable prices, take your place in Istanbul. 


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