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Best Istanbul Apartments

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 276 thousand 223 apartments were sold in Istanbul in 2021. Istanbul is one of the cities preferred by local and foreign people for apartments sale with its city architecture that develops horizontally and vertically. Although there are thousands of apartments for sale in Istanbul, there are many questions in the minds of those who want to invest. Where should I buy a house? Should I buy second-hand or brand-new apartments? Should it be in the city center or on the subway line? Questions like these can occupy your mind. Before you buy an apartment in Istanbul, you should first determine your own needs and wishes. If you are going to buy an apartment for residence, you can choose an apartment close to your workplace, city center, or school. If you are buying for investment purposes, you can consider whether the area is open to development, its proximity to the metro line, and the maintenance and expenses of the apartment. If you want a safe and well-designed house away from the city center, you can look for houses for sale concentrated in the northern parts of the city. Although it is difficult to find a house for sale in Istanbul, you can take a look at the projects of real estate agents or Trem Global's Aquatic Villas, which are next to Büyükçekmece Lake, and Alyvia Houses in Şile. Here are your questions and answers about the sale and buy apartments in Istanbul.

Apartment for Sale in Istanbul

It is seen that apartment construction in Istanbul has increased since the 1950s. After the Bosphorus Bridge in 1973 and with the continuation of industrialization in Istanbul, construction spread throughout Istanbul. As a result of the neoliberal economic policies adopted after 1980, it is seen that smaller sizes and customized housings appear that appeal to the middle- and upper-income groups. During this period, large houses gradually began to be replaced by 1+1 and 2+1 houses. With the prominence of individualism, each room was allocated for the use of the person, while the hall remained a common use area. On the one hand, technological and social developments affect apartment sales in Istanbul, while changes in condominium blood are a decisive factor.

The condominium law passed in 1965 revealed multi-story apartments, especially in Istanbul. During this period, the constructions carried out by contractors were replaced by TOKI and municipalities in the 1980s. Since the 1990s, private equity groups have entered the construction sector, and housing estates have started to become widespread. Since the 2000s, residences have started to rise on the most valuable lands of the city. Residences with apartments from 6-bedroom to studio are becoming high-tech products. Supported by smart building automation systems, residences also offer all kinds of services to their users with hotel comfort. As a result of their high-rise, these apartments also offer you the opportunity to view the view of Istanbul. These residential blocks, where modern and energy-saving systems are used in façade understandings, also stand out with their architectural designs.

Buy Apartments in Istanbul

Increasing the functionality of houses is still an ongoing phenomenon today. With the increasing city population, Istanbul has seen an increase in the number of noise-free living valleys and apartments located in the site as blocks. Sheltered and technologically equipped residences, where all shopping, sports, parks, and entertainment activities are carried out, attract many local and foreign people.  

Today, energy-saving and security measures, in addition to the comfort and social facilities provided by apartments create a parameter for those who want to buy a house. First of all, the insulation of the apartments with thermal insulation materials should be ensured. Insulation can be done in the construction process of apartments or second-hand apartments. To obtain maximum efficiency from thermal insulation materials, it should not be heavy, and the number of heat transmission floors should be lower. In new buildings, glass foam, phenol foam, polystyrene, and extruded polystyrene thermal insulation boards are used for thermal insulation. It is also not made of flammable substances and should not provide pests and insects with the possibility of reproduction. In addition, it must be selected appropriately in flexible and durable materials that will prevent water inlet and materials that will provide sound insulation. Waterproofing materials should be rubber, acrylic, and silicone-based products. Acoustic fabric-coated panels and sponges are used for sound insulation.

House for Sale in Istanbul

It is observed that detached houses in Istanbul are generally in greener and quieter areas. The most typical feature of the houses, which are preferred by people who want to live there at certain times of the year or constantly, is that they have a large garden. These houses, which attract attention with their sheltered structure, usually have sea and forest views. In general, these houses are preferred by business people, crowded families, tv and film actors, and athletes. Şile is one of the most greenery and peaceful districts in Istanbul is a district where home projects have increased in recent years. Its proximity to the sea and its location in the forested area are among the factors that make the region attractive. 

Apart from Şile, it is one of the preferred regions in Büyükçekmece, which is close to the Metrobus line and airport but also has a view of Büyükçekmece Lake. While you are purchasing home projects, you should check their comfort and safety, as well as if it is built by a zoning plan. Since zoning changes are not made very often in such areas, houses built against the legislation may cause you trouble in the future. 

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Enjoy being close to anything you like! The best thing about living in the middle of Istanbul is having easy access to its marvelous neighborhoods and the opportunity to resolve your needs immediately. In this way, you will be close to many facilities and not waste your valuable time.

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You will always feel safe when you live in an apartment. Security services and 24/7 camera recording provide the comfort you need. 

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Having neighbors with similar socio-economic levels and being in a friendly environment has a huge plus. Apartment living promises lively common areas and colorful social life for you and your whole family.

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Social facilities designed with cutting-edge technologies and amenities that detached houses most often don’t offer put apartment living in a different place. Once you take advantage of apartment living, you’ll never go back.

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