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Best Istanbul Luxury Properties

Under Istanbul Spell

Experience fine living in our gorgeously luxurious properties all located in the cultural capital, Istanbul. From majestic mansions to fashionable flats to sophisticated penthouses, luxury property in Istanbul is our expertise. A gorgeous residence is essential to make the most of this wonderful city. Allow us to show you the more opulent side of life with our extensive portfolio of luxury property for sale in Istanbul. Experience the height of luxury in a fairly affordable property market than most culture capitals. 

  • Luxurious villas and apartments
  • Experience the allure of Istanbul
  • White-glove customer services

Your Own Piece of Heaven

From home movie theatres to SPA bathrooms, you’ll find everything you desire within your extravagant property. Unwind by the outdoor swimming pool or practice cooking world cuisine in your elite gourmet kitchen. Lead a life of ease in your private castle. 

Luxury is having nice things and living in a pleasant, centrally placed environment. It means having exactly what you need when you need it, but not so much that you spend the majority of your time worrying about safety and security. 

Luxury is, at the end of the day, a state of mind. It's what allows you to be content with what you have rather than constantly chasing more. High-end residences and real estate provide all of this and more. A lavish lifestyle allows you to appreciate what you have, from onsite security to pools, saunas, and service-oriented concierges. That is luxury in the best meaning of the term, and it is exactly what today's rich want. It's not about displaying money, but about enjoying what prosperity has to give.

Truly Enchanting Properties

Architectural curb appeal, grand entrances, finest craftsmanship, spectacular outdoor living space with the unique landscape –every detail of your property is adorned with luxury for your comfort and pleasure.

Home automation, motion detectors, car lifts, and temperature-controlled wine cellars are among the amenities, as are a chef's kitchen, luxury pool, huge owner's apartment, and outdoor living space. Many people desire more room, yet living in luxury does not necessitate a massive property.

Many of the same things that all buyers want are desired by high-end buyers, albeit on a larger scale. They demand privacy and security, even if it means solitude. They desire interior and exterior beauty and can afford custom architecture, custom design, meticulous attention to detail, and luxurious finishing.

Keep in mind that when you purchase luxury real estate, you are also purchasing a way of life. Luxury real estate features private roof decks, swimming pools, common areas with fitness facilities, and maid service or hotel-style services.

Prestigious Addresses

One of the most common characteristics of what was deemed a privileged lifestyle seems to be a society isolated from the public. It was a gated enclave on the outskirts with large homes and well-kept lawns, as well as obvious signs of a landscaping crew on the job on a regular, if not daily, basis. Those things are still important, but they've been significantly reduced. Convenience is more important than isolation. A centrally located property in one of the top cities in the world is what prestige and luxury mean.

Prominent homeowners settle in Istanbul’s highly distinguished locations and on good grounds. Luxury properties nestled in neighborhoods with sterling qualities attract successful investors from and outside Turkey.

Villa buyers in Istanbul may expect to find the best of the Turkish real estate market. The portfolio always delivers, from waterfront mansions on the Bosphorus to luxury Istanbul villas with private pools, landscaped gardens, and the latest in home decor and design. Our listings include villas for sale in Aslan Istanbul, as well as several beachfront and inland communities on the European side.

What does it mean to own a luxury property in Istanbul?

Istanbul mesmerizes the beholders, both who visit and people lucky enough to live in. The never-sleeping city offers the best of luxury living beyond your dreams and grants its residents colorful experiences.

Everyone knows that Istanbul has a plethora of intriguing real estate choices, and while flats dominate the housing market, there are a lot of high-quality villas for sale in Istanbul's center and outskirts if you know where to search. For those wishing to establish a family in Turkey, Trem Global selects only the best villas for sale in Istanbul with vast gardens, private swimming pools, and other luxury amenities. In attractive Istanbul, prices are rising at an astounding rate and are expected to continue in the next 5 to 8 years. Rental returns on Istanbul houses are similarly substantial, with villas in Istanbul earning up to 7% per year in rental income depending on location.

Istanbul is one of the world's oldest cities, having been known as Constantinople until the mid-20th century. It is Turkey's largest metropolis, with over 16 million inhabitants, and serves as the country's cultural and economic hub. Istanbul has served as the capital of various empires and has always been a significant landmark in Turkey, where many diverse nations and cultures coexist today. To live in a city that witnessed hundred years of civilization and culture is a different kind of privilege and luxury.

Premium Quality Consultancy

Trem Global not only helps you get from A to Z smoothly but also offers VIP customer services. After all, luxurious properties require agencies to have a deep insight into the relevant lifestyle and the necessary qualities to provide it.

We provide specialized and expert services to meet all of your needs. With the global attitude we retain, we not only serve the needs of our local clients, but we also serve the needs of the international audience, assisting them in making the best selections in the market. We put our clients at the core of our operations, whether local or international, and design our moves to meet their current and future demands.

We use our expertise and experience to find and access new, high-quality real estate, lifestyle, and investment possibilities throughout Turkey on behalf of our customers. We're not just real estate specialists; but also locals who have a great understanding and appreciation for the neighborhood, and we're dedicated to making your property buying experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.

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