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Istanbul Luxury Apartments

Istanbul is a very convenient city to buy houses both for living and to invest in with its location close to the sea, green areas, and developed city structure. With the increasing infrastructure and superstructure works in recent years, life in Istanbul has spread throughout the city. Thanks to the North Marmara Highway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and Istanbul Airport projects, luxury apartments have started to be built in Beylikdüzü, Arnavutköy, Çatalca, and Sarıyer, which are north of the European side. Therefore, luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul have become a very attractive investment. In addition to luxury apartments, luxury houses in Istanbul can also be profitable for investment. Don't think of the house you're going to buy as just an investment vehicle. For crowded families, you can also buy spacious or multi-story houses where several generations can live together or use them for vacation purposes in summer or vacation times. So how should you proceed when choosing luxury homes in Istanbul? Here is our comprehensive guide to Istanbul’s luxury apartments and houses that we have prepared for you...

Luxury Apartment in Istanbul

The idea of living in Istanbul by investing in an apartment with many social and technological facilities can be very attractive to you. In Istanbul, where urbanization is quite intense, it may be a logical choice to buy a luxury apartment that will meet all your needs rather than buying land that exceeds your budget. Today, modern luxury apartments appeal to you with their innovative designs and facilities that will improve your quality of life. The number of luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul is quite high. We will give you some advice and tips to find the apartments that best suit your needs. 

Sky-high Luxury

First, it is necessary to know what are the features that make a house luxurious. Luxury apartments are buildings with extra amenities aimed at providing above-average comfort, quality, and peace to their residents. You can see all aspects of the city with luxury apartments consisting mainly of multi-story buildings. You can realize these dreams with Trem Global, which has made it its mission to build luxury apartments in line with your needs. You can elevate your life with Trem Global’s finest selection of luxury Istanbul apartments. On what basis do we say this? Trem Global promises you the following in your investments: 

  • A great investment in the cultural capital
  • The most coveted luxury apartments
  • Prestigious residential addresses

A Modern Take on the Luxurious Living

Luxury is not necessarily about detached villas amidst enormous gardens. Apartments are the new hippest properties to have in the luxury real estate industry nowadays. Forget the old-fashioned, castle-esque estates; meet the modern-day elegance. Luxury houses with large gardens used to be outside the city center, so they usually appealed to retired people. Today, with changing living conditions, technological developments, and diversification of transportation, we see the rise of luxury apartments in relatively distant or new living areas of the city center. What to expect to take advantage of both the amenities of the luxury house and the advantages the city offers you?

We Set the Bar High

You deserve nothing less than the perfect fit. Whether you are seeking a place to call home or an investment to earn you top dollar, Trem Global will hand you the keys to the best apartment available in the Istanbul market. Trem Global has a wide portfolio spread throughout Istanbul with its projects on both the Anatolian and European sides of the city. It doesn't just promise a flashy life with luxury apartments built near schools, hospitals, subways, and parks. Luxury apartments have cafes, gyms, sauna, children's playgrounds, and sheltered structures to help you and your family organize their daily routines. 

Get the Best of Your Extravagant Lifestyle

Trem Global’s portfolio covers truly remarkable apartments in Istanbul’s finest addresses. Life is so much better when you sip on your champagne, lounging on the terrace of your penthouse. You don't need to enter the city's traffic and crowded environments to meet your family and loved ones. You can have a pleasant time with your loved ones and socialize as you wish on the viewing terraces designed by Trem Global for you. Remember! Owning a luxury apartment is not just buying for a lot of money. A luxury apartment is a place that responds to all your needs and your family's needs and improves your quality of life.

Urban Living is the Convenience Personified

Feel bored? Visit that à la mode café near your home. Need something? Walk to the nearest mall and meet your need. Are you feeling sick? We hope you’ll never need it, but the hospital is at 5 minutes away. There is no denying that living in the center of a city like Istanbul is of great convenience. If the place you live does not meet your needs and imposes an extra financial burden on you, the apartment you live in does not improve your quality of life. Trem Global takes care of this situation in the luxury homes it builds and chooses locations that will save you time and money on your way to work and school, and while doing your daily routines.

Real Estate is Not Just Selling Homes

As the experts of the industry, we recognize that each buyer is different, and it will take time to comprehend their real estate needs, long-term and short-term alike. We are ready to go that extra mile to provide the buyers with the satisfying customer services they need. There are also some simple tips we can offer you for this:

  • Is the luxury apartment of your choice located in a convenient area in terms of transportation?
  • Does the luxury apartment of your choice meet your needs?
  • What are the amenities of the luxury apartment?
  • Is the area you are investing in open for development?

Why Do You Choose Trem Global for Investment?

If you are looking for properties in Istanbul with magnificent amenities, elegant spaces, and competitive prices, Trem Global can point you in the right neighborhood. With 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, Trem Global has the perfect space.

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