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Best Istanbul Sea View Properties

Heaven on Earth: Istanbul’s Sea-view Properties

Istanbul’s most beautiful and prestigious seafront houses are listed in our portfolio. Take a look


  • Luxurious villas and apartments with sea view in Istanbul
  • A portfolio of world-class properties
  • High-quality living in the cultural capital

Istanbul is Surrounded by Crystal Clear Water

Witness the horizon expand to infinity over the Black sea, feel the fresh air blowing through the Marmara Sea, or watch the city lights winking at you above Bosphorus –Istanbul promises you the best of sea views anywhere you go. 

Enhance your Lifestyle with Beautiful Scenery

Sun sparkles on the vast blue waters shine through your window to welcome you every morning - What a bliss to have in a metropolis like Istanbul! You’ll enter a different world every time you step into your house. 


The Most Desirable Houses in the Market

Having a home with a magnificent sea view is prestigious anywhere in the world, and Istanbul is no exception. We cover the most sought-after properties in the city that will add weight to our customers’ lives.


Invest or Settle in It

Seafront houses are always profitable investments and heavenly places to live. Whatever your intention is, this is a decision you won’t regret. The beauty of the gorgeous views never fades, especially in this magnificent city, Istanbul.

We Utilize Our Expert Power to Find You the Ideal House

Having specialized in the real estate industry, Trem Global is at your disposal to unite you with the greatest views of Istanbul. Contact us today to discover the best sea-view properties in Istanbul’s real estate market.

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