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Canopus Villas

Beylikdüzü, Istanbul

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Best Villas in Istanbul

You Dream Exceptional Istanbul Villas, We Find the Perfect Fit

Istanbul has a plethora of intriguing real estate choices, and while flats dominate the housing market, there are a lot of high-quality villas for sale in Istanbul's center and outskirts provided you know where to search. As Trem Global, we offer our extensive portfolio to your service.

  • Find the most comfortable Istanbul villas
  • Enhance your lifestyle in Istanbul
  • Live where the magnificent nature meets luxury

Istanbul Villas You'll Never Want to Leave

We are delighted to help you in your journey to a new villa that suits your luxurious lifestyle. Whether you fancy a distinguished home in the heart of the city, or a villa isolated from the rush of city life, you will find your dream Istanbul villa in no time among the many prestigious Istanbul real estate we deliver with our comprehensive services. For those wishing to establish a family in Turkey, we offer the greatest villas for sale in Istanbul with vast gardens, private swimming pools, luxurious amenities and more. 

Sufficiently wide living spaces with attractively decorated dining areas, and fully equipped and state-of-the-art kitchens are all musts in luxury villas. These rooms would be precisely constructed and equipped, with all of the current conveniences and amenities, such as entertainment systems and smart house systems. All you have to do is to dream, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Perfect Locations

We embrace the adage saying the three most important things about real estate are location, location, location. We offer houses that meet the different needs of our clients, and our wide-ranging portfolio has many property options whether located near popular attraction centers or by the sea where you enjoy the serenity.

A gated community separate from the crowds seemed to be one of the most prevalent qualities of what was considered a wealthy living. It was a gated enclave on the outskirts with huge homes and well-groomed lawns, as well as evident indications of a landscaping staff on the job regularly, if not daily. Those things are still vital, but they've been toned down a lot. More important than seclusion is convenience.

The majority of individuals have to commute to and from work, which is far from pleasant. Long commutes in congested traffic, often in scorching heat or frigid polar weather, may make commuting a real strain. Convenience is one of the most important aspects of comfort, and since comfort is a show of wealth, the two go together. However, comfort is much more than just a matter of convenience. And that’s what we offer with our collection of Istanbul villas.

The Art of Luxurious Living with Istanbul Villas

You’re not only buying a house but also acquiring a lifestyle that is truly unique, highly pampering, and even better than what 5-star hotels have to offer. We recognize the fact that a house does not solely consist of bricks but a spirit and amenities to add more value to your life. Your take on luxury living is what matters to us -we’ll do everything to bring it into being. Luxury is having access to what you need when you need it. In a rich lifestyle, comfort refers to the ability to accomplish more with less effort.

An extravagant display of wealth isn't necessarily an indication of luxury. In fact, there are instances when possessing more makes luxurious life more difficult. Being burdened by all the trappings that were formerly considered a sign of wealth is neither convenient nor pleasant - two of the most crucial features of a lavish living. You were forever chained to those entrapments because you had more than you could use. You have more time to enjoy life since you have fewer stuff to keep and safeguard.

High Investment Value

Istanbul is one of the most profitable investment places with an ever-growing real estate scene. As the construction industry rises to the top in Turkey, you will experience a high return with the properties you purchase.

Luxury investment houses are a great way to generate a profit by renting them out. If you possess many houses with the above-mentioned luxury features, you should have no trouble finding consumers wanting to rent a gorgeous, private space.

Weddings and other large gatherings may be a successful market for this since they can take use of the property's luxurious features. In addition, the rental sector is one of the easiest to manage in the real estate market. Customers are always eager to spend deep into their budgets for the greatest houses, and landlords have the authority to establish the pricing.

Luxury homes for sale that are located in a picturesque setting, are near to local businesses, are located close to a transportation hub, or are equipped with unique and high-demand amenities, just like the ones on our portfolios, are prime properties to be rented out to willing customers.

Luxury houses are good investments in addition to being wonderful places to live. People are always prepared to pay for a taste of beauty and elegance, and you may be the one to provide it as an investor. More than only the cash flow generated by selling or renting out your luxury residences, they may also be used to hedge against inflation or even obtain tax benefits.

Comprehensive Services

We offer personalized and competent services to satisfy every need. Not only do we provide for our local clients, but also serve the needs of the international audience with the global mindset we maintain, helping them make the best decisions in the market. Whether local or foreign, we put our clients in the center of our actions and design our moves in line with their present and future needs.

On behalf of our customers, we use our expertise and experience to locate and access emerging, high-quality real estate, lifestyle, and investment opportunities throughout Turkey. We're not only real estate experts; we're also residents with a deep understanding and appreciation for the area, and we're committed to offering a pleasant and efficient buying experience. We understand how much time, effort, and money it takes to maintain a luxury villa and retain its brand connected with excellence in order to be competitive in the business. More than the income flow that comes from selling or renting out your luxury houses, they may also be used to hedge against inflation or even obtain tax benefits.

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