Beykoz, Istanbul
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Beykoz, Istanbul
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Property Distance to Airport
Distance to Airport:
30 Min
Property Distance to Beach
Distance to Beach:
4 Min
Property City
Distance to Center:
12 Min

Why this property?

İstanbul is the only city that people miss both when they live in and away from it.

It is the city whose breezes that blow from nature and Bosphorus we miss.

It is the city that we always want to live in the heart of it but wish to breathe fresh air while we long for the serenity in the middle of crowds.

On one side there are the woods, on one side there is the sea, and on the other, there is the city.

It is İstanbul where we want to be in the center of beauty.

The breeze that people long for is now blowing in Wind City Beykoz.

The Istanbul life where the forest and Bosphorus view unite in a central location is coming true.

This breeze will bring you Bosphorus’s fascinating view and the green will add energy to your life.

This breeze will carry you to the dynamic and glamorous city life whenever you want.

Wind City Beykoz offers you a life in Beykoz, the life and business center of the Anatolian side, where you will be away from the stress of the metropolises while still being in the center of the city and where you will breathe the breezes in.

It invites you to a privileged life in the most precious area of İstanbul, Beykoz, where you can breathe the city air, forest air, and Bosphorus air at the same time. It reveals your dream Istanbul in a spot where all the glamour of İstanbul is displayed.

Wind City Beykoz offers you an out-of-the-ordinary chicness with its unique, innovative, and modern architecture.

The duplex apartments have a 5.75-meter and standard apartments have a 3.23-meter tall ceiling as well as giant “performance” windows that overlook Bosphorus and garden terraces, all of which promise a unique and dynamic life where you can breathe.

It invites you to an energetic life that pushes the limits of luxury by taking in all the colors of nature and light.

Deep conservations in spacious balconies and terraces, the view from your wide windows, an energizing morning walk, and Sunday breakfasts when you can breathe in the fresh air of the woods. All of this and the sincerity of Beykoz await you in our project where you can live in İstanbul that you long for.

You will experience a unique comfort with the indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and spa center.

You will build new friendships and have quality time in social areas.

You can do sports, enjoy the woods or live in the dynamic city life in Beykoz.

The number of apartments: 100

The number of commercial units: 15

Construction area: 27,555 square meters

Apartment types: 1+0, 2+1, 3+1, 1+1 Duplex, 2+1 Duplex

Acarloft and Beykoz Mansions are right beside you.


Project Details

  • Kavacık: 2.5 kilometers
  • Medipol Kavacık Hospital: 3 kilometers
  • Bosphorus: 3 kilometers
  • Anatolian Fortress: 3.5 kilometers
  • TED Private Schools: 3.5 kilometers
  • FSM Bridge: 5 kilometers
  • Etiler: 9.5 kilometers
  • Polonezköy Nature Park: 10 kilometers
  • Levent and Kanyon Mall: 10 kilometers

Project Rooms

Payment Plan

Installment: cash

Rooms Min Price Max Price Min Max Bathrooms Floor Plans
2+1 $271,000 $492,000 139,06 M2 229,46 M2 2 Floor Plans
2+1 Tip A 193,07 M2 2
2+1 Tip A Dubleks 229,46 M2 2
2+1 Tip B 149,70 M2 2
2+1 Tip B Dubleks 166,88 M2 2
2+1 Tip C 141,13 M2 2
2+1 Tip C 150,75 M2 2
2+1 Tip D 139,06 M2 2
2+1 Tip D Dubleks 162,29 M2 2
2+1 Tip E 153,61 M2 2
2+1 Tip E Dubleks 155,06 M2 2
2+1 Tip F 141,63 M2 2
2+1 Tip F Dubleks 195,88 M2 2
2+1 Tip G Dubleks 161,34 M2 2
2+1 Tip H Dubleks 140,71 M2 2
2+1 Tip J Dubleks 142,53 M2 2
1+1 $205,000 $328,000 84,60 M2 145,50 M2 1 Floor Plans
1+1 Tip A Dubleks 145,50 M2 1,5
1+1 Tip A 92,24 M2 1
1+1 Tip B 96,42 M2 1
1+1 Tip B Dubleks 136,57 M2 1,5
1+1 Tip C 85,08 M2 1
1+1 Tip D 84,60 M2 1


  • General Features
  • Parking Garage
  • Elevator
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cable TV
  • Water Booster
  • Water tank
  • 24 Hours Technical Service
  • Natural gas
  • Generator
  • Central Hot Water
  • Satellite TV Receiver
  • Security Specifications
  • Security
  • Housing Security
  • Steel door
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fire and Smoke Detector
  • Security cameras
  • Closed Circuit Video System
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Video Intercom System
  • Sport Activities
  • Fitness Center
  • Top Features
  • High Investment Value
  • Close to Airport
  • Family-friendly
  • Sport Activities
  • Social facilities
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Turkish Hamam
  • Project View
  • Sea
  • City view
  • Nature
Price Range $205,000 - $492,000
Property Area 84 - 229 m2
Project Type Apartment
Project completion status 100%


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