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Zeft Yalikavak

Bodrum, Muğla

Price Range: $514,000 - $2,690,000
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Property Location City: Muğla - Bodrum
Property Type Project Type: Villas
Property Ready By Ready By: 30 June 2021
Distance to Airport Distance to Airport: 25 Min
Property Ready By Distance to Beach: 0 Min
Distance to Airport Distance to Center: 10 Min
Why this property?

Zeft Yalikavak awaits you next to Yalikavak Marina in the last bay of Yalikavak, one of the most beautiful spots of Bodrum.

Life in a seaside town awaits you in Zeft Yalikavak. Everything from your fisherman approaching your pier early in the morning to your daily egg, milk, newspaper and even cheeses from your deli in Southern Italy was thought for you in this town. In addition to all these, your grocery store, butcher and supermarket in the town square are open for you from morning to evening.

Zeft Yalikavak, with its 460 meters of coastline and 2,000 m2 of sandy beach, is inspired by the fascinating nature of the Aegean and the deep blue sea. Your house in Zeft Yalikavak will be built in natural colors and textures in accordance with the Aegean spirit. You will watch the unique sunset from your terrace or garden, and you will inhale the scent of tangerine and lemon trees while walking through the carefully designed lush Aegean gardens.

Foldhome system offers you 24 different private areas such as music room, fitness room, Playstation room, cinema room, which you cannot have at home at any moment but you always want to have. Foldhome introduces you to the pay-as-you-go system. Without a fixed dues, you can enjoy every room as if you were at home, at an affordable price that you only pay when you use it.

There is also Foldhome system in Zeft Yalikavak. It provides thoughtful solutions that include the social activities that the target audience will use outside the housing. All of the Foldhome units are owned by the house owners and everyone is entitled to the shares.

Project Details

·        Kids Concept Store Le Petit 100

·        Foldhome Reserve includes; Cabanas, Beach, Beach Bars& Restaurants, Guest House, Exhibition and Concert Area, Open Air Cinema, Fitness Area

·        Special Garden Car for Winter

·        Rental Service

·        Sea water treatment system

·        Solar-powered common lighting

·        Waste water recycling technology

Rooms Min Price Max Price Min Max Bathrooms Floor Plans
2+1 $514,000 $1,198,000 97,00 M2 259,00 M2 1
3+1 $583,000 $2,126,000 114,00 M2 274,00 M2 2
4+1 $1,417,000 $2,563,000 217,00 M2 329,00 M2 4
5+1 $1,847,000 $1,929,000 361,00 M2 403,00 M2 5
6+1 $1,803,000 $2,690,000 414,00 M2 660,00 M2 5
  • General Features
  • Parking Garage
  • Garden and Playground
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cable TV
  • Water Booster
  • Water tank
  • 24 Hours Technical Service
  • Natural gas
  • Generator
  • Satellite TV Receiver
  • Security Specifications
  • Security
  • Housing Security
  • Steel door
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fire and Smoke Detector
  • Security cameras
  • Closed Circuit Video System
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Video Intercom System
  • Top Features
  • City Center
  • High Investment Value
  • Family-friendly
  • Sport Activities
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Social facilities
  • Sauna
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Playground
  • Turkish Hamam
  • Swimming Pool
Price Range $514,000 - $2,690,000
Room Area 97 - 660 m2
Project Type Villas
Project completion status 89% Property construction rate
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