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Eligibility and Requirements for Golden Visa

Your Guide to Canadian Golden Visa

Canada meets the expectations of investors with the Québec Investor Program, where eligible investors can work and reside in the country freely. The program includes investors, entrepreneurs, or self-employed workers who intend to operate their businesses in Canada.

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Why Choose Canada

Canada is a country full of opportunities. Discover what makes Canada a unique place to live.

A Vast Land of Geographical Beauties

Great Public Healthcare Systems

Good Educational System




No language requirements


Secure investment options


Status free of business creation


No employment requirement

Investment Options

Employed Workers
Innovative BusinessNew Business
Net worth of minimum

CAD$ 2,000,000

Receive support from an organizationNet worth of minimum


Net worth of minimum


An investment agreementSubmit business planSubmit business planHave professional experience
Five-year term investment worth


Have a committed supportive organizationHave equity in the business Make a start-up deposit
Canada Requirements


Net worth with a legal background

Two years of business experience

Invest a minimum of CAD$1,200,000

Settle in Quebec

Additional Costs

with permanent residence feewithout permanent residence fee
Application FeeCAD$2140CAD$1625
Inclusion of partner/spouseCAD$1365CAD$850
Inclusion of a dependent childCAD$250CAD$250
Canada Cost
Legal Golden Visa


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to get citizenship and residency in Canada, but the requirements may vary from program to program. To learn what you qualify for, you can contact us and find out the entire process with legal advisors.

Permanent resident status is given to those who immigrate to Canada. Permanent residents have the same benefits as Canadian citizens with the exception of maintaining their status by meeting the requirements.

Permanent residence doesn’t have an expiration date. As long as the permanent resident meets the requirements and unless their residency is revoked by the government, their status will remain valid.

There are three main reasons for revoking permanent residence status:
Being unable to meet obligations
Obtaining residence permit by misrepresentation
Committing a serious crime

No. Permanent residents are not Canadian citizens. While permanent residents have access to many benefits Canadian citizens have and can apply for citizenship, there are differences. Permanent residents cannot vote, get a Canadian passport or live outside Canada for more than the specified time.

A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa Programs

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