How Much Does It Cost To Move In Istanbul?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

You found that house you dreamed of for a long time, and it's time to move. Do you know what kind of costs are waiting for you during this laborious house moving process? Here are the costs of moving in Istanbul and what you need to do before moving.

When you are preparing to move, the first thing that you should do, is create a home moving budget. Most people who are moved don't think they have time to prepare a budget, but establishing a financial plan and getting information will save you many additional costs in the long run.

In addition to the transportation costs, you can add the furniture or renovation costs you will receive to the new home. Even if you plan to buy a new shower curtain or a few new shelf geniuses, don't forget to add these numbers to the budget.

Moving Company

If you are considering get services from moving company; You must add the moving company payment to the moving budget. Moving compan payment includes labor, truck, fuel, packaging.

You can choose the most advantageous company if you get a price offer from at least 4 companies before deciding on the moving company that will carry out your moving business.

The average shipping fees for Istanbul vary according to the type of residence and distance.

1 + 1

• Anatolian side average price: 950 TL

• European side average price: 900 TL

• Average price for moving between two collars: 1.250 TL

2 + 1

• Average price of Anatolian side: 1.200 TL

• European side average price: 1,100 TL

• Average price for moving between two collars: 1,500 TL

3 + 1

• Anatolian side average price: 1.450 TL

• European side average price: 1,400 TL

• Average price for moving between two collars: 1,800 TL

The above prices include furniture and white apliances packaging, disassembly and assembly services. The only thing left for you is to pack your frangible objects.

If your property is more valuable to you, you can buy transportation insurance. For the latest price, you can get the necessary information from your shipping company.

Additional services: It may include additional services such as device preparation, air conditioning disassembly, piano transport, cornice installation. You can also request an offer from your forwarding company for these services.

Packing material fees: If you prefer to pack some items; You should get parcel, wrapping paper, balloons, nylon and duct tape. For an average 2 + 1 house, you may have to pay 160 TL for these materials.

Extra Prices

* These charges may include some services that are unpredictable. For example, on the day of moving, that the building management doesn't allow the use of elevators or that the transport vehicle doesn't get close enough to the new home can increase labor costs. To avoid these, you can share the street pictures of both houses with the company representative.

* If you are going to move to a house within building complex, you should inform the company official by learning whether the transportation truck can enter the building complex and the distance. Your goods may not fit in the transport truck that comes for transport at one time. You should also consider extra voyage fees.

* Professional packaging and parcel opening service: If you want the company to do all the packaging work, according to the average prices and size of the house you should make an additional payment between 150 - 450 TL.

  • You want the company to do the opening of boxes in the new house, you should add this cost. Again, this service will create an additional cost between 150 - 450 TL depending on the size of the house.

Be sure to consider unpredictable costs.

Add 10 percent unpredictable cost after all calculations. Act in case you think there may be more than or less than 10 percent charge.

Moving costs without transport company

You may want to move your house yourself to save money. However, half of the above costs will also apply to this option. In addition, the relocation process will take much longer to complete.

If you are going to get support from your acquaintances in this process, it is useful to plan ahead. If you are looking for support for relocation, you can ask for the support from the trucker you hire.

The expenses are as follows;

• Truck rental costs

• Packing material fees

• Porter fees

Getting to Your New Home

When the transport company loads all the goods into the truck and sets out for the new home, you must be in the new home simultaneous with the truck. If you don't have a car, you can include the cost of the taxi.

Once you've set your moving budget and set the final cost, you can make easier decisions about how to save money. You can also easily finish this process without any surprises after moving.

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