Platin Wings to Help Children Reach Their Dreams

As Trem Global, we always strive to fulfill our responsibilities in order to have a world where all children have equal rights, smile with good health, and walk towards a brighter future. In this context, as a sponsor of UNICEF in Platinum Wing status, we are adding another social responsibility project to the ones we have already initiated.

Platinium Wings

Trem Global Joins
Force With UNICEF

Every step taken for children is crucial for their lives and future, and as Trem Global, we are joining forces with UNICEF, wearing our Platinum Wings, to take action for a fair world. As a responsible global organization, Trem Global is committed to fulfilling our duty to ensure that children have equal rights to education, health, and development worldwide. We firmly believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive, and we are proud to collaborate with UNICEF on this noble cause.


A Better Future For
Children With UNICEF

Millions of children around the world, including in Turkey, are unable to freely exercise their basic rights due to various factors such as hunger, preventable diseases, war, and natural disasters. Therefore, as Trem Global, we are taking steps through UNICEF to ensure that all children worldwide have equal rights and are not affected by the consequences of hunger, wars, and diseases in shaping their futures.


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is an international organization dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. UNICEF works to respect children's rights to survival, health, education, and protection, providing emergency assistance in crisis areas, supporting the fulfillment of basic needs, and raising awareness about child rights. The vision of UNICEF is to create a world where every child grows up safe, healthy, and educated.


Equal Rights for All Children, a Bright Future for All Children


UNICEF Creates Lasting Changes
For Children

We believe that every child living on this earth is special and capable of creating tomorrow, improving the world, and making the future better. Through our collaboration with UNICEF, Trem Global joins the effort to provide all the support we can, ensuring that every child on this planet believes in their own uniqueness and has access to all the rights they should possess. As Trem Global, we are committed to empowering children globally, enabling them to unleash their potential and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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